5 Marco 15W3D 5LBS (22)


  1. Nancy Kiefert says:

    How old is Marco and is he still available?

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Marco is available and a little sweetheart. He is so well behaved with his separation training and no bark training too.
      Marco is 16 weeks old has all his shots including his rabies shot.
      So all he will need medically before next year is to be neutered and that’s only if you want him to be that is completely up to you. I am not one of those breeders who says
      show proof of being neutered then you get the papers. I just don’t feel that is the correct way it is your puppy and you get the papers when you leave with him.
      If you are local and want to come see him let me know. if not we can facetime skype or tango.
      It is easier if you call or text me at 904-838-9628 because my email is no longer working on my phone.
      Stacy Collins

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