Available Puppies Only

Meet our Present and Past Fur Babies Below

Top of this page is dedicated to our available puppies. Further down are by the month to see past puppies and their breeds.

    Taking Deposits On Litters Born In August, Sept & Oct 2020 Puppies! Most of our litters expecting already have some deposits placed. You are welcome to contact us and find out how long the deposit list is for a specific breed and decide if you would like to place a deposit.

               Ready to go home in Aug 68 Puppies (SORRY SOLD OUT)

Once they get a deposit, we take them off this section. So this box is only available puppies. Scroll down to see all  puppies that were born!


       Bichonpoo 9/2  Havapoo  9/7 & 9/10    Malshipoo 8/13   Miki 10/4   Mini Labradoodle  9/28 &10/1  Morkipoo 10/5 Toy Poodle  9/2 & 9/4     Schnoodle 10/1   Shihpoo   8/25 & 9/11  Shorkie 9/29 Teddy Bear 9/21 & 9/22   Yorkipoo 9/3 & 9/27


  1. Laura Bowden says:

    Hello Stacey-

    I sent you an email last night and just watched 4-5 of your YouTube videos. They make me think God is leading me along the path to my next baby girl. I want to let you know that I already have many of the supplies needed at home, as I have had to enclose my Daisy in the last 6 months in a 4×4 soft cage with bed and potty area, and I do 75% of her grooming. I also did all of her training as a puppy and everyone has always been amazed at what a wonderful dog she is. It isn’t until the last 6 months that I have had to leash her, except for walks, which has absolutely broken my heart. I know in my heart that you will be breeding my next lovey! Please share with me how to transfer my $200 deposit.

  2. Good afternoon, I am interested in your upcoming litter for the toy poodles. I’m not sure if you are already taking deposits for the upcoming puppies, but if you have any available. I am very interested in buying. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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