Available Puppies Only

Meet our Present and Past Fur Babies Below

Top of this page is dedicated to our available puppies. Further down are by the month to see past puppies and their breeds.

Taking Deposits On Litters Born In Jan 2021 Puppies! Most of our litters expecting already have some deposits placed. You are welcome to contact us and find out how long the deposit list is for a specific breed and decide if you would like to place a deposit.

        So this box is only available puppies. Scroll down to see all  puppies that were born!


   Havanese 11/15 & 1/12 Havapoo 11/26 12/19 & 1/15   Havashire 11/15 & 1/11 Havashu 1/17 Malshipoo 1/16   Mini Labradoodle  11/28 & 12/23  Malshi 1/3  Maltipoo 11/28 12/8 1/3 & 1/9    Morkie 11/20 & 1/1        Morkipoo 12/2 & 12/7   Miniature Poodle 11/16  Schnoodle 11/18 Shihpoo 12/25 & 1/2 Shih Tzu 1/4  Yorkipoo 12/8


  1. Pamela Rawdon says:

    Please remember you have my deposit for a little female Malshipoo. I can’t wait!

    Pamela Rawdon

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