Available Puppies Only

Meet our Present and Past Fur Babies Below

Taking Deposits On Litters Born In Feb & March 2021 Puppies! Most of our litters expecting already have some deposits placed. You are welcome to contact us and find out how long the deposit list is for a specific breed and decide if you would like to place a deposit.

        So this box is only available puppies. Scroll down to see all  puppies that were born!


   Bichonpoo 3/4 Havamalt 1/27 & 2/5  Havanese  1/20  Havapoo  1/29 & 3/2 Havashipoo 2/27  Havashu 2/3   Malshipoo  1/18 Maltipoo  1/21 1/23 & 1/29  Mi-ki 2/6 Mini Labradoodle 2/4 & 3/11  Morkie  2/16 Miniature Poodle  2/5  Schnoodle 2/25 & 3/14 Shihpoo  2/19, 2/20 & 3/4  Snorkie 3/2  Teddy Bear (Shihcon) 1/22  Yorkie 1/30  Yorkipoo 1/30 & 2/8

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