Flying A Puppy Guidelines

What to Expect When Our Puppies Are Flown To You

When purchasing a puppy it should be an experience of joy not heartache. Of course that perfect puppy may not be close and has to fly to their new family. The first year I would never consider flying a puppy but after a client in NJ educated me about puppy first class I started flying these precious babies. If you are not willing to fly this way I will not fly a puppy. First class only flies on certain planes that have the compartment built for up to four animals, with that being said it may not come into your city. So I have my clients choose between two airports. There are some cases you may have to fly a couple of hours to get your puppy.

I will say the airline I use have been wonderful over the years. So far no complaints only praises for the way their puppy has arrived. It is temperature control which makes flying a puppy in the summer a challenge as the temperature cannot go over 85 degrees. But I am happy to say United can go up to 100 degrees but closed on Sundays.

We also believe our training helps prepare your puppy for their flight! With our separation training they are use to being by their self so its second nature to them. We also wake up early to make sure they are busy following me  around before heading to the airport. This way when I leave them they are ready to sleep.  I give them a stuffed dog that is used with their separation training so they feel they have a buddy with them. I also give them a deer huff to chew on if they are bored during the lay over. (But if the fly United they will allow anything in their crate.  I also give them a supplement Nutrical to help balance their blood sugar. By the time you pick them up they are giving puppy kisses and tails wagging. The best thing is my clients tell me when they arrived they are not stressed.

It is sad when I hear from people that had their puppy flown to them and they arrived so sick the family couldn’t  enjoy their bundle of love instead they were giving medication and so sad for the baby and unfortunately in some cases they lost the puppy from the stress. That is why I refuse to fly another way and would not fly the first year. I invest too much time and love in my babies to allow this to happen to them.

I have had clients ask what if something happens on the plane will they lose puppy and money. Whereas I pray this never happens I do purchase insurance so you are covered if that were to ever happen.

I WILL ONLY FLY A PUPPY if you  promise that you will call me from the airport once the puppy’s in your arms so I know they are safely in your loving care. I send you a check list of what to bring to the airport to make the transition easy.

I pray this sets your mind at ease if you need to have me fly a puppy to you.

Now I am starting to collect testimonials for you to see what my clients say that had a puppy flown.


  1. How much is it to fly them first class

  2. Stacy-Searching for a Mormon puppy. We live in NJ near Newark Airport. Looks like puppies are around $2k. Curious to know how much to fly?


  3. Karen B says:

    How far are you willing to fly the puppy?

  4. C.Y. Chung says:

    Hi. Is there a first class flight to Seattle from there?

  5. C.Y. Chung says:

    What would be the best option to get a puppy delivered to Seattle?

  6. Patricia Nagy says:

    Hi!! Where in the US do you fly puppies to? I would like a morkiepoo puppy! They ate hard to find

  7. Kathleen gunter says:

    We are looking for Teady bear shitz/bishon

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