Havashipoo Puppies


The Havashipoo is a desired breed because of the three breeds that make this absolutely wonderful lovable breed. The Havanese, also known as the Havanese Cuban Bichon, which originated in Cuba. The Cubans created today’s Havanese by crossing the Blanquito de la Habana (Havanese) with both German and French Poodles, while keeping a higher content of the Blanquito apparent in the breed.  (This is one of the reasons we call this breed smart like a poodle but without the curls) The 19th century was the birth of the Havanese and by the 20th century, the Havanese was the preferred family pet in Cuba. Breeding of the Havanese in the United States did not begin until some time in the 1970’s after many Cuban families migrated in the 1960’s. It was not uncommon for a time for Havanese dogs to appear in circus acts. This is attributed to their eagerness to please as well as their high level of intelligence.

The Poodle is extra since it helped to make the breed originally. The Poodle is the brains of the breed very trainable in fact if you don’t take the time to train them they will train you. The are family driven to protect and be close to you. The Poodles are insulted if you call them a dog they truly believe they are human which is why you get so much eye contact with them. This is why they are listed number two as the smartest dog on the charts. They love to sit with you and try to press their body into yours.

The Shih Tzu is the calm laid back back of the breed. We call them the closest to a human toddler as you can get because they love to cuddle like one front paws on your shoulders and face snuggled into your neck. They stick close to you with eyes on you. If you sit they sit if you move they move, See just like a child. The love to get in your lap and snuggle but if you put them on the ground they are fine.

So when you mix these three for the Havashipoo you get a very smart lovable breed. But socialize them early so they don’t depend on just you. They are great for small apartment and condos as well. They do require a yard but do enjoy a daily walk.

The Havashipoo will typically reach heights of 8-11 inches, and an average weight of 7-13 pounds. But if the poodle is a toy size they can be as small as 4.8 lbs.

The coat is non-shedding and can be silky and straight like the Havanese or Shih Tzu or curly like the poodle or even a soft surl for the two breeds, It needs to be brushed daily if keeping it long

The Havashipoo is very intelligent, happy-go-lucky, lively, and playful. They are quite affectionate and will become extremely attached to it’s human family. They are not known to be excessive barkers. When taught at a young age not to bark unnecessarily, they are an excellent watch dog. As long as the Havashipoo are properly socialized, they are known to be very friendly with welcomed strangers as well as other animals. They are are also revered for their good nature with children.

When training the Havashipoo is a very intelligent breed that will be quite easy to train. They responds very well to positive reinforcement and pleasant tones of voice. It is necessary to maintain a pack leader relationship with your Havashipoo to prevent Small Dog Syndrome. However, they will not respond well to unnecessary harshness. They are eager to please, but positive reinforcement works best. They are particularly sensitive to the tone of your voice.

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