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We have wonderful puppies to be a part of a family. Our goal is to provide you with a loving puppy who will become part of your family for the life span of your pet. People have asked, “How long will my puppy live?” There 

shorkieIzzy, our precious little Shorkie, is almost 6 months old (3.8 lbs.) and has brought so much joy and fun to our family.  She is so smart and playful and steals our heart every day.  We only go to pet friendly restaurants just so she can go with us. Izzy is almost 24 weeks old in these  pictures and I wanted you to see how beautiful she is with her lighter tone hair coming through now.  Also you can see how little she is next to the pillow sham.  Stacy, we know that Izzy being such a wonderful and healthy dog is a reflection on your love and special care for all your puppies.  Thank you for all you have done for us.  Love, Walt & Susan

Hi Stacy!  Just to give you an update on Mini (fka Squirt). She is doing so good and we are so in love with her!  She is so happy and loves to play and is eating well. She had her last puppy shots yesterday and she did great.   Her vet was amazed and gave so many praises on her breeding and your record keeping.  She is now a whopping 1.7 lbs.  I can’t believe how well she had adapted to us and I wish you could see her little butt wag when she sees us walk in the room.   Thank you again for letting me know about her and matching us up.  It was like she was meant to be my baby.  Above is an picture from today.                   Ruba Franks      Waverly, GA



        Hi Stacy,
Just wanted to share with you a little of Vinny’s new life . Here he is posing with his older ( and bigger) brother, Mario. Everyday, he bugs Mario until he gets his “undivided” attention and off they go…running, running, running through the house. It’s such fun to watch them both. Vinny is such a well adjusted puppy and so very sweet. He has had little trouble adjusting to his new routine that includes sleeping in his own crate every night , walking on a leash, peeing outside ( not all the time yet but getting there) and loving his new family. 

Future puppy parents – congratulations on selecting a TLC puppy. They will come prepared for the world of new sounds and sights.
marlene shapiro

Cash Imperial Shih Tzu Joins His Big Brother Mario BEST FRIENDS!

Cash Imperial Shih Tzu Joins His Big Brother Mario


Stacy, it’s been about 2 1/2 years since we adopted your Fred, our Killer, the love of our lives. He’s now 15 pounds of PERFECTION!!! 
He’s a “love bump” for sure as no matter where Gina or I, for that matter go, he is ALWAYS with us. When we have to leave him alone, he sits in the window and watches out for us. When Gina recently went on a cruise, he sat in the window almost full time for the first 48 hours looking for her. When I take him walking over at the park in the morning, when we get home he rushes in the house and goes in every room, including the patio, looking for her. If she’s not here, he will sit in the window waiting for her.
This little guy is NOT. a dog, he is our son! We have NEVER seen such a loving, loyal buddy as our Killer. We actually call him KILLY.
We cannot thank you enough for putting KILLY in our lives. This little Shipoo is the “best of the best”. Everywhere we go people love him and remark how cute he is.
With all the puppies you breed, you may not recall him specifically, but we just wanted you to know how much he means to us and how much we love him.

Gina and Jim, Palm Coast

photo (12)

She was the calmest puppy I have ever had first nite. i actually got to sleep and so did she! the potty outside will be a little challenge but we will manage just fine. i look forward to a happy life together. thank you. Am sure I will be communicating and having questions which you are so able to answer. I really am impressed with your thoroughness and obvious passion for the pups and moms too.  best regards, love my little girl already!

UPDATE:she is precious and learning about her new boat home very quickly. Taught her to get down three Steps so she would not fall down them. She loves her under the desk dawg house too! Got a Medium Sherpa bag so she will consider it a second home by the time she needs to fly.
Adorable. going thru the dont bite me stage… Have been there before too. best regards .Lowie Bock

Family 008

We just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Katie and Kooper. They play very well together and even though she is alot smaller then Kooper she stands her ground and is quite sassy. Have a great day! Heather & Donald Karpf
Polly Pup
Stacy…All I can say is that this little man is awesome. Goes potty on the pad, eating good.  Has more toys than the grandkids!  Loves to cuddle and gives KISSES.. He has melted our hearts and has made himself right at home. Thank you for everything.  I searched the internet long looking for a puppy.  When I seen him I knew he was the one. Have a great day.  Diane Bennett  TX

SantaMrs.Claus & Oreo22010

We love Oreo as everyone who meets her, including the whole neighborhood. Her disposition is wonderful, and many folks are jealous . . . so I consider that the genes from her Mom and Dad, who were so carefully picked, and her first few months with her loving breeder and “grandmom” were the most important to providing such a wonderful pup. Will write more in detail in a couple weeks along with pic, if possible. 
Dan & Denise Carey Jax, FL
Dusty 1
Just wanted to give you a bit of an update!  Dusty, Amanda and I are doing great.  He is growing up quickly, and settling in very nicely.  All is well, thanks again for an excellent pup
Daniel & Amanda  Hodnik Colorado


I have taken a few pictures that I wanted to share with you. My daughter has renamed the puppy to Jazzmine…..Jazzy Jazz for her nickname. We thought it was cute so I think we will stick with that name 🙂
I have  taken so many pictures but thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. We adore her and love her so much already! I am so happy that she and my morkie get along so well and expect them to be best buds soon!
Thank you so much for our adorable baby girl! Enjoy the pictures!!
Cher Morkipoo 8 weeks 035
Stacy, Cher did wonderful through the night!  I was so surprised 🙂  I couldn’t feel any wetness and she went right out to potty when we got up at 4:30 with my husband. I have probably jinxed myself by saying this. Lol!!! Hope not 😉
Just wanted to say thanks again. We all love her already!!!
Billie Jean Munn  Bangor, Mi
TJ, Milo and GiGi playing 010
Stacy, If I had known what real joy is having 2 puppies I would have gotten 2 at the same time. It is just awesome having 2 . They are absolutely best friends.They play constantly. Watching the interactions is really fascinating. We just laugh and laugh at them. It is really special. I actually find it is less  work as I am not the one providing all the entertainment. I also don ‘t  feel guilty when I am really busy as they have each other.  TJ is so extremely happy  having a little brother. It is awesome. Thank you again for having such wonderful puppies. Cathie  GA
 Hello stacy, cody is doing good. He is doing well with potty training and took very quickly to doing number two outside. He is very loving and playful and loves to steal slippers and have kai chase him 🙂 thanks again for everything.
Carolyn Benavente  Jax, FL
Romeo had such a good night 🙂 he slept really well and didn’t have any accidents . He loves the dog park at my apartment complex too!! I will send you pictures soon 🙂 Caitlyn
image (2)
Hey I just wanted to email you and let you know about the now 1 1/2 year old Buffy. She was renamed paisleigh and is an absolute handful. She Definitely keeps us on our toes. She has three to four colors going on black, brown, red, and silver. Very unique if I must say. She weighs 7 lbs but she sure does have big dog syndrome. Thanks again for my perfect girl.   Chelsea Bouley
Baby AladdinHi Stacy,  This is Ellen Notaro and Aladdin!!!   We are having a ball, God he has gained 1 1/4 pound and acts like a toddler!  I love him ,you have no idea just how much. He has gone to work with me as well.  I really don’t want hime alone!!  Everyone in my developement love him and say he’s a doll.  I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful baby.  Mommy & Daddy must be a dream!!  Baby Aladdin is so special!!  He keeps me hopping,  Love to all, he is wonderful!!   Thankyou Stacy
Barney is doing great he’s tired so he’s sleeping right now. He is calm he ate and went to the bathroom , played with his little rope for a
bit. He’s wonderful I love him so much already.   redwhiteblondebg in FL
Sophie female Emmy 003
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Emmy is doing splendidly.  She just loves being the center of all our attention.  She slept well through her first night, only whimpered when we first put her down, but was fast asleep soon after.  Her potty training is going — okay 🙂 I am sure she will catch on.  She is so sweet, she does not like to do anything wrong.  We just love her.  Will send you some pics and updates as she progresses.
Thanks for being a good mommy to her.
Cheri and Craig Britt
Bailey (Marley) is doing great!  She has slept thru the night every night and plays all day with an occasional nap.  She is very sweet and we are having a lot of fun with her. Thank you so much for everything!  We will keep in touch.
Ginny Shreve
Fluffy's babies Lola and Puppy Paws 043
Stacy, Mitchell was just saying yesterday that he wanted to go out and see you and your house for Christmas and for Lola to see her family.  She continues to be a great sense of joy and laughter.  She really is quite a “talker” never really barks but really is very very vocal.  I will call ahead of time because my neice wants to come out also.
We will get some photos sent to you soon.  Hope your family is well. thank you ggu

Hi Stacey

Sending you some photo’s of the most adorable babies you have ever breed  🙂 I can’t remember if I sent you some Christmas picx, so I included them … the other two dogs are my daughters. The yellow outfit photos are the most recent.  The one where Scarlett is in the white & Red dress and hat was Easter, Rhett had a hat … but …. He didn’t like it that much lol

YES , I dress them, YES they are totally spoiled, YES they run the house … but look at those faces!!!!  How could they not!  Lol  They are the most funny, loveable, precious little fuzz butts ever.  They make me laugh and bring so much joy to our family.  They are inseparable too!  Thought you’d like to know how the babies are doing. 🙂

Love  Janet Swann


photo (3)

Hey ms Stacy just wanted to give you an update on Zeus and Xena, last night went very well. They did not cry at all when I put them in their pen. And as soon as they warmed up to there new surroundings they started to play. They’re having a little trouble peeing in the pee tray but they poop just fine (I know with a little more guidance we can correct that) Other than that I’m having a ball I love them so much, they’re truly my little babies. Thank you u so much for allowing me to bring my babies in my life.  Jasmine J

Fred 006

Stacy, Killer aka Fred is a joy, to say the least. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.  Killer now owns both cars and our house…..That’s my way of saying he has taken over our home. Now that the little lover is out and about around the whole house we are thinking we might be able to use another potty tray to place in another location in the house.
Thanks,  Jim and Gina Fisher


Duffy is just a wonderful dog.  Superb watchdog, minds extremelely well and is always with me, as is Meadows.  However, Duffy has that special attachment whereas Meadows is a bit independent.  They are both wonderful dogs.
In the pictures, they are sporting their almost 2-week old first haircut
We couldn’t be more happier with these two!
bobby brady 12-11
Hi Stacy,
Bobby (Bob Barker) was a year old this month. He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. Here he is with my 16 y.o. Persian, Cleo. He is very gentle with her like he seems to know she is old and frail.
Our 14 # tom cat, Brady, and him romp and play really rough.Brady never uses his claws on him and knows Bobby wont hurt him, but they like to run and wrassel.  Do you think you will ever have any more poodles by the same parents? thanks
Joel Conwell,  Hollywood, FL
photo (4)
Cooper did wonderful on his first night with us. No whining, crying or barking. He’s just a sweet as can be. Thank you so much for such a great puppy. Jo
UPDATE: Hi Grandma,
Just got my first grooming. Don’t I look cute? Love, Cooper Rakes

Hey Stacy,

Just wanted to email you to let you know that Boomer is doing great! He was relaxed the whole car ride home yesterday and was glued to my side the rest of the day. He slept through the night and woke up at 6:30 this morning ready to eat and ate almost all of his food. Today he has been more adventurous in exploring the house and he is completely comfortable now and starting to get used to Riley, which kinda scared him yesterday because he’s so big haha But this morning he was trying to play with him. And right now he went back to bed with my brother and I’m pretty sure he’s in puppy heaven on my brother’s bed 🙂 So everything with him is great and my whole family loves him, especially my dad and my brother 🙂 Thanks for everything, he’s an amazing little guy!
Hi Stacy
The puppies are good:)  They are both spoiled rotten, as you can see in the pictures I sent you, they come to work with me every day and think they are supposed to hang out on my desk. They are both very smart, my daughter has taught Lucy a card trick she holds up three cards in front of her an A,5,&10 and calls out a card and Lucy can pick the card. I will have to send you a video.
Thank you  Kellie
Hey stacy!
Just an update on your grandson… 🙂 He has truly stolen our hearts! He is such a doll baby. He slept all night quiet as a mouse an even used the potty tray.  We had a quick question.. At what point is ok to start working with him to potty outside? I remember u tellin us but I was too excited an was a little distracted 🙂 thank you again for everything !
Kaysee, Josh, & mr. Kringle xo
flip flop in the grass
Hello Stacy,
I know this email finds you long over due but just to let you know that Flip Flop is doing great!  It took her about 24 hours to feel right at home and now she thinks she runs the house. 😉  Hailey and Elise are having a great time playing with her.  They are also learning what it is like to take care of an animal and that is a great learning experience.  If Elise had her way she wouldn’t put Flip Flop down.  Flip Flop had her first little bath in the sink last night.  She isn’t too fond of water but I am sure that will change.  She has been a big hit with the neighborhood kids.  We are still working on the sleeping through the night part but that will come with time.  I’ve attached a picture of her.
Cheryl, Kristopher, Hailey and Elise
Hi Stacy -Thought you would enjoy these. She is such a little sweetheart!!! Kristin Thompson

Hi Stacy,

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Molly. She is great, we really love her.  Molly loves the outdoors. She runs and runs and is fast as a speeding bullet. I was running around with her last week and broke my toe, Oh well. any way, enjoy the pictures,  Larry and Jean Ewing

photo (10)

Here is my son Adam with puppy… They all ADORE her   Laura Spratley


GG is doing great everyone in our neighborhood loves her. You may have more customers.
I will send you a picture I’m so happy with her and so is my husband who never let a dog lick him loves GG to. Have a great holiday  KEEP SMILING  Lorraine
Hi Stacey! Bailey (Party) and I are doing great. He is the best puppy ever! Thanks, Lynn
Hi Stacy – Just wanted to let you see how well Zoe is doing.  We just love her.  She is such a sweetheart.  Thank you so much everything.  Lynn and Bill – Cape Coral
photo (13)
Hi there. I thought you might like a recent picture of Botega. Thank you again!  Mara Rose Rys
Duke and Layla
Thanks for letting me know.  Layla is doing great tonight!  Our kids adore her and she’s been using her pee tray. Here is a pic with Duke and Layla at the vet.
Melissa Dalhoff
Good morning, Stacy!
Chloe is an angel! She snuggled with each of us all the way home. Once we were home, and she and our Maltipoo met and played, we put her to bed. She whined for about 5 minutes, but once we got quiet, she settled down and didn’t make a peep all night. We are in love! 🙂
Melissa Mock
Hello Stacy!
Nice to hear from you.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!  I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Patch is doing great. She is a really fun little girl.  She just loves to play hard and loves to snuggle when she is worn out from playing. Hugs,  Michelle
Hello Stacy!Well it’s been two weeks now since we’ve added King James to our family, and all is well! He has adapted very well and is enjoying his new home. And while I made a vow NOT to spoil him, he is already super spoiled!!! The kids love him so much, and my oldest seems to think he’s a baby lol.

Jacksonville, FL June 2011 024

Hello Stacey,

I’m sending you a picture of Annebelle (my daughter Monica Burgess dog) and Jackson (Snookie my dog). My granddaughter changed Snookie’s name to Jackson. I’m so glad that I purchased him from you. He is such a job to
have and loves to go on car trips. I have taken any current pictures of him yet but I will be and will send you one.
Donita Wright  Madison, AL

Mr and Mrs Claus2 (4)

So, if you have not heard, Santa wanted his own little Malti—poo, so we got a playmate for Oreo! His name is Snicker Doodle, keeping with the cookie theme, since Santa Loves Cookies! Snicker or Snicks for short. Snicker is actually Oreo’s nephew; Oreo’s sister had 4 male pups. It will be so much more fun once Snickers grow a little and can truly play with Oreo, rather than Snicker’s being a toy for Oreo to run over! I swear I do see a little laughter or smile on his face as he rolls along the floor! J Open the attachment and enjoy their pic together! Hugs to all, Denise

photo (14)

I just wanted to let you know karma is doing great! She brings so much joy to my life! I am so thankful for her!


Well hello there!  I came across an old email for you, and realized I hadn’t talked to you in a long time!  Hope you are well!  Oscar (Gizzy) is GREAT, 8lbs and fluffy as ever.  He’s coming up on his 2nd birthday  next month, and he is still the love of my life! LOL.  I’ve attached some pictures… I’m sure he misses his grandma. I do hope you are well!!! 

Nicole Billups

photo (16)

Just wanted to give you update. Remmy is doing very well. He is ALWAYS happy. Hope all is well with you.
God bless, Pam


Shophie has been a joy to us this year. She is a beautiful baby with long silky hair. She is sweet and loving and have a very unique personality. She ended up weighing about 10 lbs. I am attaching pictures for you.
Thanks again, Pat Godwin







  1. Absolutely they r well adjusted when they come to their new homes. I had already said this before I even read this article . My puppy did not cry from night one. She hadn’t since and doesn’t even get up to go. I think she is the best new puppy I have ever taken home. She loves life and has no fears. Stacey really makes the difference.Cheryl Erlich

  2. Wanting to know about your Mal-Shi pups. Are they registered? Are the parents? Thank you.

    • Yes. All of our parents are CKC registered and their pups come with their CKC papers for the owner to submit if they would like papers on them.

  3. Colleen Mathews says:

    Dear Stacy,
    Four years, four months ago I made the decision to bring Athena (Caddy, to you) home with me. We had a rocky start, but you were there for hours by phone to help me to bring her through her hypoglycemia. Just as you thought, after my staying up with her through the night, dropper feeding her every forty-five minutes to an hour (this after getting her through the worst!), we are seriously bonded. She will visit with others but only if I am within sight! She is so sweet and loving. She will sit at my feet asking to be picked up and when I do, she immediately goes to my shoulder and snuggles in. An unexpected plus: she can tell when my blood sugar starts to drop and will alert me so I can correct it before it gets bad! She has done this multiple times, so it isn’t just a flook. She doesn’t recognize an increase but that isn’t my problem. I am so happy with her and love her so much! Thank you! My sister is looking for a puppy. I have given her your website address. I am sure once she sees the videos there, we will be coming for a visit! BTW, Athena, my little Mi-Ki, has yet to reach 5 pounds!

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