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24cageCrates are great to keep your floors clean and from puppies climbing out with the lid that
closes down no surprises meeting you when you walk in the door which has happened to
many people. They are very well built,but not lightweight.


This Puppy playpen features an elevated floor grate small spacing of 1/2″ x6″ for tiny paws
which also keeps  puppies above the floor pan protecting them from a potty accident during
training process and at the same time keeping them cleaner. Tray cleans easy.

Opens from top and from side for easy access Size 36″L x 24″W x 30H
Must be ordered 1 week in advance
Regular $239.99  TLC Puppy Love Special $179.99

WhiteplaypenMy personal favorite is the plastic playpen. Made of durable plastic has a doggie door easy to assemble with long rod spikes making it a very versatile playpen to room divider and door gate. I can show you all this when you visit or if your too far away on video. Can make them smaller or add panels. Comes in two sizes. Perfect for using indoor and out. They have made my life so much nicer. As you are potty training them you can also put a U Go Dog Potty Tray in there is still plenty of room for a bed and movement and stretching.
Both playpens come with  Double-steel latch door, Rust Proof and so easy to assemble

  To the right picture of the smaller one

4 commercial grade plastic panels. Use panel connectors
Can add panels if desired to make a larger pen.   Has a doggie door.

Small: 36″W x 36″D x 23.6″H

$129.99 Special $99.99
Extra Panels 29.99 each


  1. Diane price says:

    Amazon has the plastic ones for less than half price .made in the usa too!

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