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Shihpoo’s are a wonderful puppy to bring into your home. The Shihpoo is very loving and playful and they get along with other pets. Not only are they Hypo-allergenic &  non-shedding, but they are so very lovable. Shih Tzu and Poodles both have a reputation for being lovers and snugglers. Shihpoos are a little louder than the Shih-tzu. They are more active and athletic. They seem to take the best from both breeds. They are not considered ‘yappers’. With this in mind you will have a lover lump who will require your attention, time and affection.

Size: Weight: 5-15 pounds

Coat: The Shihpoo’s coat is wavy, normally curlier than the Shih-tzu but not as curly as the Poodle.

Care: Shihpoos will require regular grooming.

Training: Due to their intelligence, this breed is fairly easy to train. So if you invest your time you will be rewarded greatly.

Activity: Shihpoos do not require a lot of exercise. They get sufficient exercise just by playing with their owners. They enjoy walks and/or backyard play.


  1. Would like to know if tou have a black shihpoo available and the price?

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Sorry no black Shihpoo right now. What I do have is a litter of 4 Shihpoo two have deposits.
      Taking pictures tonight and will post they are cute just not black.

  2. do you have pictures of adult Shihpoos? I want to get an idea of what it will look like full grown! Thanks

  3. Renee Shaffer says:

    Stacey, I am looking for a Shih poo to become a part of part of our home. We lost one a couple of months ago and our 2 year old Lexi is missing a playmate. We live in the Tampa FL area and want to see our puppy instead of picking it out by a picture. We would drive to Jacksonville. We are interested in a female with light coloring. I have picked puppies off you site as examples Bailey, Briana, and beau. Can you let me know when you might have some new puppies? It looks like you have only black left currently! Thank you!

  4. Hi
    Interested in a shihpoo puppy not sure on a color but a female. How much do you charge ?

  5. Your puppy Odel is so pretty. I am looking for a shi poo that looks like a shihtzu . When you get another like the one you just sold I am interested

  6. I’m looking for a Shihpoo a male do U have any and how much?

  7. I am looking for a female teacup shih poo please get me with me ASAP if you have any available thank you

  8. Any puppies available. Looking for one 15 to 20 lbs when grown

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      The only ones I have that come close to that is my mini Labradoodle. I have 2 black males so adorable and sweet.

  9. Jennifer Nabors says:


    Interested in getting a female shihpoo for my daughter for Christmas.

    Do you have any that will be ready to go around that time?


  10. I am also looking for a female shih poo for my two kiddos for Christmas…do you have any available female pups that were born in this litter?


  11. Tyra Mobley says:

    Any male shihpoos for Christmas coming up? Also, the price?

  12. Do you have any shih poos available?

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I do I have some older ones on sale this weekend for $999
      Then I have one female left Pebbles she is $1750 and ready Dec 15th
      fEEL free to call me anytime at 904-861-7877
      Stacy Collins

  13. Hi. I’m looking for a ShihPoo puppy for my sons birthday (end of December). We prefer lighter colored and are not set on gender. Do you have anything available?


    • stacylyncollins says:

      All I have for end of Dec is 2 males that are black with a little white and have all their vaccines.
      Were $1750 but Christmas special is $999

      I have another litter more like what you are asking for but they will not be ready till Jan

  14. Hi,

    Do you have any teacup shihpoos?

    • Right now I have a tiny little girl that is 8 days old and looks like she is going to be 5 lbs as adult
      She is a tri color white Chocolate She is $2000
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628 and we can facetime with her if you would like too.

      Stacy Collins

  15. Cindy bagnall says:

    Please notify me of impending litters of shihpoos.

  16. Cathy Strafaci says:

    Looking for shihpoo that will be available mid fall, before the Holidays? Late October, early November. Can we speak about upcoming litters?

    • I’m sure I will have some but it too early to know when. It will be another 1-2 months before breeding for those puppies.
      But feel free to call me at 904-838-9628

      • Cathy Strafaci says:

        Hi stacy
        would love to catch up about the shih poo and perhaps hava poo. We are still looking at mid fall to bring puppy home. What time is best to reach you?

  17. Cathy Strafaci says:

    hi Stacy
    would love to speak to you about the differences between breeds, when can I call you

  18. Marisha Coleman says:

    Do u have any avl puppies?

  19. NATRA FREEMAN says:

    Do you have any Shihpoo puppies/dogs and for how much.

  20. Patricia Rosenzweig says:

    Do you have the black and white shiapoo? Also how much

  21. Nancy Childresss says:

    My 14 year old shihpoo went to heaven one year ago today. I am ready to find a new sweet baby girl to complete my life again. Do you have any available and how much? Thx in advance.

  22. Any dogs available?

  23. Valencia West says:

    I want a shipoo around 4 to 5lbs n can I make payments on him or her

  24. Hudson Buster says:

    Hello! I would love to inquire about purchasing one of these beautiful babies!

  25. martin m manley says:

    Would like to know if you have any Shihpoo puppies available. Prefer black but open minded.

  26. Jennifer Walker says:

    Or do you have any Shihpoos available?

  27. Jeanette Leiter says:

    Looking for a shih poo. Just lost ours.

  28. Any teacup shih poo puppies or teacup havashipoo puppies available ?

  29. Would like information on a few of the puppies available. Female Annie Clause, Abbey, Mia Romeo

  30. Geri Berasley says:

    Hello, My husband and I would like to add 4 paws to our home. Can you tell me where you are located and if you are expecting any litters in the near future. Thanks for your time!

  31. Do you have any shihpoo or morkie pups available?

  32. Rebecca Wilson says:

    Would like to visit your facility end of August. Would love to adopt a female Shih Poo or Shih Tzu. Interested in the browns brindle.R

  33. Carol E Grimm says:

    Would love a female Shih-Tzu as I just lost my little friend after 13 years of great companionship. I think Shih poos are darling and would consider if they do not get bigger than 12 or 13 lbs. since I would be flying with her in her travel cage under my seat. Let me know when a litter will be born. I live in Ponte Vedra Beach.

    • We are expecting a Shihpoo litter any day now and another the end of the month but they will be around 10-14lbs as adults.
      We are expecting another litter in the beginning of July that will be more like 7-10lbs though. Email us if you are interested at

    • The Shihpoo litter was born today she had eight still have one male and three males go see them on my shihpoo webpage.
      Stacy 94-838-9628

  34. Shonda Davis says:

    Shihpoo male .. I would like to know if all the males born in June have been reserved.. we are looking for a male for my daughter we reside in Annapolis md

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