Havamalt Puppies

Havamalt Puppies

The Havamalt is a very smart dog, full of joy, eager to please and has a unique way of running in circles around you to get your attention and express their happiness to be with you. She also loves to cuddle and will be quite content on your lap when it is time to relax. She gets very attached to her owners and this means she can suffer from separation anxiety should you leave her alone for long periods. She is gentle and sweet with everyone and her love of people and her brains means she is easy to train. The Havamalt is a designer dog bred with a Havanese and Maltese.

The Havanese part of the breed comes from Cuba. When Cubans fled Cuba after the 1959 revolution into America a few of those dogs came with them and over the years breeders have slowly managed to salvage this breed. The ones that went to Turkey became a circus dog due to the high intelligence of the breed which is equate to the poodles.

Today he is a popular companion dog, he is gentle, loving and intelligent. He can be clownish with his antics making you laugh but he is also happy curling up on your lap for some down time. He will trail you around the house to be close to you and does not do well if left alone in the house for long periods,  due to being a velco dog. They are known for suffering from separation anxiety which is why our separation training is vital. The Maltese

The Maltese part of this breed  is one of the oldest toy sized breeds there are and he can be traced back for at least 2000 years. His exact origins are unclear, some believe he was developed on the Isle of Malta, some in Italy and some from Asia. . He was saved by mixing with other miniature and toy dogs like the spaniels, and poodles. This in itself led to several new breeds being formed.

He trains easily and loves people. He assumes everything and one he meets is a friend. He is also quite accomplished at getting his own way with everything.

They is a small or toy sized dog weighing just 6 to 13 pounds and measuring 8 to 12 inches tall. They have a medium sized muzzle that is blunt rather than sharp and eyes that are brown or black and almond shaped, ears droop down and are usually covered in long hairs and she has a short tail that turns up and points to the back. Their coat is harsh and coarse on the inside and long and silky on the outside as he has a double coat. Common colors are cream, black, brown, silver, blue, white, gray and golden.

They are clever, eager to please, agreeable, willing. They  really couldn’t be any easier to train! Will listen to commands and will need less repetition so they will learn more quickly than many other dogs. Early socialization and training are still important with her though. You should also adopt positive training methods rather than harsh ones. Be firm and consistent but offer praise, treats, play rewards and so on as a means of encouragement.

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