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  1. Tricia Douglas says:

    Wanted to know the general size of the poodles and the shihpoos when full grown.
    Thank you. Tricia Douglas

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Our babies run between 4-12 pounds depending on their birth weight. Is there a special one you are inquiring about? Our poodles are sold and not expecting more for 4-6 months.
      Merry Christmas Stacy

  2. Tricia Douglas says:

    Thank you. I was interested in a black and white male shihpoo really. 7-9 lbs. Also, I thought I saw on your website that you hand deliver your puppies. Is that correct? I’m in Pensacola. I know all your shihpoos are sold right now.

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Don’t know if you’re still looking for a sweet Shihpoo But just had a litter of five born on the 8th. 2 females and 3 males. They are posted on the Shihpoo page at
      Of course they are not much to look like right now but will be cuter in a two weeks when their eyes open. These will be between 6-8 pounds one will be about 5lbs and one 8-10 pounds according to birth size.
      Please let me know if you’re still looking or if you already found a sweet baby
      Blessings Stacy

  3. do you have any teacup yorkies available?

  4. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a morkipoo. Do you have any available or will you have anytime soon?

  5. Hi, I am interested in finding a male morkie. Do you have any available or are you expecting any? Do you have plans for another litter soon? Thank you!

    • Finally just had a morkie litter born with two males Stitch and Jumba Getting ready to list them. So if you are still looking come meet them in person or call me at 904-838-9628
      Thank you Stacy

  6. Ida Jonsen says:

    Hello, I am interested in a Havapoo puppy. Not in any hurry. Do you have plans for a future litter? Ida

    • I have some now
      Just became a vailable is Justin a gorgeous apricot cream male adult weight will be between 10-12 lbs
      Then two females black one male black and one male brindle ready on 7/14
      One black male ready on 7/19
      All are 1750 FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ANYTIME AT 904-838-9628
      Please let me know if you received this email some people are saying responding with my website is not going through.


  7. Hi. When will you have more Shipoo puppies?Can you tell me how big they usually are full grown ? Thank you so much 🙂

    • They can be as small as 5 lbs and as large as 12 lbs depending on the parents.
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628

  8. Hi….do you know if you will have havapoos this summer?

  9. Jeannine Patrick says:

    Can you show me a picture of the parents of Cricket, the male Maltipoo that I have put a deposit down on. Since you stated that he is 75% poodle I was just wondering how curly his fur will be and would be very interested in seeing what the parents look like. Thank you.

    • I will get their pictures for you but he will be curly. Mom is curly and dad is curly and his hair is already showing curls
      If you don’t want curls you may want to wait on a different puppy. Just let me know.

  10. Maria Soledad Miranda says:

    Hi!!!! Are you going to have maltipoos available for Christmas?
    We are interest in a male maltipoo. Thanks.

    • We are expecting a litter that is due tomorrow and they would be ready to go home a week before Christmas.
      We also have 2 males right now that will be ready to go next week.

  11. Ioana Chesnoiu Matei says:

    What coat are your Mikis? Do you have any pictures of your Miki parents?
    Thank you!

  12. Paige Strickland says:

    Can you share any pictures of your mini labradoodles that are older? I want to see what they look like grown. Trying to make our final decision on which breed we want. Thank you.

  13. Chimere Lewis says:

    Hi can you provide pictures of what a mini labra doodle
    looks like?

  14. Patricia Sims says:

    Do you currently have any retired breeders?

    • We do have 1 we are retiring when her puppies wean. She just had them so she will be ready to go in about 6 weeks. She is a Shihpoo

  15. Kerri Ifill says:

    Hi, we are interested in a miniature red poodle. Is that something you will have available soon? We are open to a mix with something small and hypoallergenic. Thanks.

    • We are expecting a Poodle litter next week! I am not sure what color they will be but a red is not likely unfortunately based on the parents colors

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