What to Expect When Buying a Puppy From Us

Included with the Purchase of your Puppy:

When you purchase a puppy from TLC Puppy Love,  you can know they have been well loved and taken care of from the first moment they are born.

When your baby comes into this world they have human touch immediately as I am their Mid-woof and hand deliver them, cut open their bag, clamp the cord, cut it and clean them up. Once delivered I get them started nursing immediately. Within an hour of their birth I have their dewclaw removed and tails docked (if breed requires it).

Daily they are picked up cuddled and kissed so human touch is natural to them. By two weeks their health care starts with their first preventive worm treatment. At three weeks get their first Bordetella Vaccine. At four weeks first heartworm preventive and six weeks first puppy vaccine. Find out more about vaccines/diseases and puppy health care.

Right before your puppy arrives to their new forever home with you, they have a nose to tail vet check including health certificate and  report card showing weight and temperature of your baby, up-to-date shots which includes ( 2 bordetella and 2 puppy vaccines), 2 worming preventives, 1 heartworm preventive and their first flea preventive so they are fully protected against fleas.

Each of our puppies also has CKC papers and registration.

Training Your Puppy Receives Before Leaving Us

Our first concern is to supply you with a well adjusted loved and trained puppy. The way we do this is to introduce your puppy to all the home environmental sounds that your home includes. See your puppy is never in an outside kennel; instead they are always in my home from birth. We introduce them to all sounds such as phones, radios, television, all human interaction and sounds loud and soft. We are a busy household so that will never scare them.

Potty Training

Potty Tray training starts at 3 weeks old. We are happy to announce we have a high success rate of presenting the puppy potty tray trained, using a U Go Dog potty tray that can be purchased from us. We also offer shipping directly to you. This training helps your puppy when you start outside training as they already know to potty in a certain place. The potty tray is still great to use at night time so your puppy does not wake you up to potty since their bladder is small and will need to potty in the middle of the night. If you work and cannot make it home soon enough they still can eliminate (especially if you worked over time or wanted to catch a bite to eat with your friends)

General Separation Training

Our separation training is including to help your puppy not be stressed when you leave for any reason including work or when they are put to bed for the night. (Some T-cups are just too fragile for this training so may not be including as they extra attention and should never be left alone for long periods of time) This is also to prepare them to sleep by their self before going to their new home. This transition period is being successful as testimonies have come back

Daytime Separation Training

This is a process to prepare them for you to leave them by their self, or just so you can get things done in the day without holding your puppy all day. We do this separation so they are use to being by their self during the day to prevent separation anxiety or undue stress that can cause a parasite to flare up causing them to be very sick. Instead we are monitoring and giving a preventive against the parasite before it can get started. It is really nice to be able to be in the same room as your puppy as they are in their playpen and they will not bark but will wait patiently for you to say ok lets have our time.

Daytime separation training starts at 4 weeks just a few hours a day away from their mom and most of their litter as they go two by two.

At 5 weeks they go longer hours in the day two by two to prepare them for the single separation. At six weeks they go solo, which makes for more puppy crying. (At this time we are teaching them barking and crying is rude) By seven weeks they understand they are not always picked up. They are in my family room as clients come in and they will testify that our puppies just look to see if they are the lucky one to be picked up. So by eight weeks when they go home with you they have learned to accept their playpen as their home and wait to enjoy human contact. They have learned to never to be demanding or bark, instead wagging their tail with excitement when it’s your special time together.

Night Time Separation Training

This is probably the most important training we do for our clients. We start teaching your puppy how to sleep by their self at night without night time crying (Exception may be the T-cups). This is so you and puppy get sleep from the very first night, causing less stress on you and your puppy.

If you’ve ever had a puppy in the past you know the sleepless nights for weeks and months as your puppy cries all night. But not so with our puppies, they have learned to sleep by their self so you both wake up smiling in the morning!

The way we prepare them for this is week five we start them sleeping two by two all night. Week six they start sleeping solo no worries they see mom first thing in the morning for love and nursing time. During this training they see mom three times a day to nurse, and play. At week six this is the hardest week as we hear their crying and I start training them it is rude. But praise God by week seven they start sleeping by their self with no crying all night long and I wake up smiling. This is the one that makes everyone happy and you will be so thankful we do!

Please see our client testimonials for feedback regarding our customer’s experience with us.

No Bark Training

No one wants to listen to a barking puppy; it can get on anyone nerve. We start them knowing barking is rude and unacceptable. But instead we want you to enjoy having them around, and go places with you. We show you what we do so if needed you can show them you know the technique too and stop them before it gets started.

Our clients come into the same room as our puppies that are in separation training and they are always amazed how we can carry on a conversation as the puppies are so polite during their visit.

No Bite Training

We have just added no bite training. The one complaint new puppy owners have is the puppy biting on them. It’s not the puppy being bad but the puppy accepting you as their litter mate. But it is not acceptable behavior and they must know you are a family member not a litter mate. So we are starting them to know biting a/k/a nibbling is wrong. So please don’t allow them to nibble on you because their teeth are not all the way in yet. Because when they are it will hurt and the puppy doesn’t explain why they are in trouble for something that was cute earlier.

Harness and Leash Training

We teach them to use a harness and leash. Our technique to do this is attaching the leash to us so when you get them home you can repeat the process and know what they are doing at times when out of their playpen. This is also nice when they are on the sofa or bed with you and if they slip off you able to save them quickly by pulling back the harness. As well as them learning to walk beside .

There are No Bad Dogs Only Bad Owners

However, ultimate success is dependent on the owner continuing the training process. We start their training for you and if you do your part by continuing what we started and taking the time to teach them obedience either by yourself or through a class then you will have a puppy you will love to call as your forever puppy!

With that said please search your heart and make sure you are ready for this commitment. Even a puppy needs a life commitment for a forever home. Just getting a puppy for the puppy stage or in a weak moment is not fair to the puppy. They deserve a loving home and in return, they will always be your best friend.


  1. Genesis Pettay says:

    I heard of your website through my neighbor and I’m interested in getting a puppy. This will be my first dog so I need all the help I can get from you. Feel free to contact me by phone at 352-835-2091 or email at genesis0100@gmail.com

    Thank you.

  2. Paula mccrimmon says:

    I could not see where you are located on the site. I am in Canada but we just do not seem to have any reputable breeders (or MalShi breeders period).

    • I’m in Jacksonville, FL i DO HAVE A puppy in Canada but they drove to NY to get the puppy so they did not have to go through customs and thats the only way I will fly one. So if you see you like a puppy and will drive to NY then lets facetime to find you the perfect puppy.
      Feel free to call me anytime 904-838-9628
      Stacy Collins

  3. Regina Monroe says:

    Hello I was wondering if you have any more girl tea cup yorkies?

  4. Erica Batista says:

    So excited to get our puppy melody , can’t wait to get her .❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍

  5. We’re a recently retired couple with two cats. Recently we had the pleasure of observing a Shorkiepoo at a neighborhood event. Loved this dog’s temperament with everyone (the tricks, too). This dog’s legs were not short, I liked this, giving him speed and leaps. How does one go about finding a pup like this?

    • FOG
      I will call you on Tuesday about some sweet pups we have or you can call me at 904-838-9628
      anytime after 11:00am
      I look forward to talking to you
      Stacy Collins

  6. when are you expecting your next teacup yorkie litter? I am interested in getting a puppy during or a little before the summer of 2019

  7. How much is a morkiepoo?

  8. Alex Akers says:

    Hello my name is alex, my husband and i live in hinesville georgia and we dont have any kids i would love to look into getting a puppie soon, maybe a shih tzu or a teacup yorkie! Do you have any right now?

  9. Stacy: I’m hoping to solve two issues with one little dog & want your feed back. My hubby & I are retired; “our” Frenchie (male/neutered) is pretty independent, but, when he IS in a People mood, he hangs out with my hubby in his office (& really isn’t into being petted & loved on)…The vet told us that all dogs are healthier if they are not the “only child”, if they have a little “competition.” We also have a cockatiel who flies freely around the house on occasion. Boudreaux (the Frenchie) has little to no “prey-drive”, and will do a warning bark if he sees Spike (the bird) land in an “unapproved” territory”. So,Boudreaux would be a danger to a new member to the family.

    My husband is a VERY YOUNG 75, I am 65 (and I don’t believe it)…Bou is 8 people years old, and Spike is 19 people years old…

    I enjoy taking not too long walks in the morning, when it is cooler. In 1997, I adopted an Emotional Support Dog. Her name was Sugar, oh, so SWEET, & she was a VERY SMALL Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. (She was AKC, & bred to be very small,SPAYED) She went absolutely EVERYWHERE with me! From my college classes, to work, out for drinks “with the girls” (SHE was the designated driver! Haha) to the pool for exercise & physical therapy & doctor appointments…together, we drove a 32foot RV from San Diego to Tampa, Florida…not once, but TWICE…I’m sure that some of Boudreaux’s stand-offish behavior is my own fault…Sugar went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2009…she was almost 14…and I felt like I had lost a child…perhaps Bou could sense that he couldn’t get ALL of my heart yet? Who knows? People have favorite people…why wouldn’t dogs?

    Anyway…I think I am ready to start looking for my new emotional support helper now…as a breeder…is there one breed that you might recommend to me over another? I get migraines often, and harsh barking slays my brain…but I do need some warmth to pet and love while I get better, some help getting to sleep at night…help staying on a schedule…Bou is great at making ME get up and HE goes back to bed!! Oh, and male over female? Or not?

    Will you let me know?

    Illya Dillya

    • Hello!
      Could you please call me so we can talk over the phone about finding your baby? 904-838-9628

      • Hi, again, Stacy! Yes, I’ll give you a call tomorrow afternoon! I had the opportunity to watch your training films yesterday & today..oh, my! I HAVE TO SHARE an experience with you…Bou “discovered his “voice” about 8 months ago…and is our “security dog”. He is very “situationally aware” and let’s you know the second anything changes! My favorite video was “No Bark!” It has been a migraine-saver!! I quickly instructed my hubby how to use “No Bark”, explaining to him that Bou does NOT understand the WORDS “Boo, Shut the heck up!”, “Boo, Enough already!” Or any other combination…all he hears is “BOU, LETS ALL GET LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS! PLEASE BARK MORE, WE LIKE IT! Maybe he wants a COOKIE???” Or, in dog language: “Bou, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, FOOD!”

        I had Stacy’s Video to help sho my husband how to get Bou to “No Bark”. And reminded him that even though it might be close to dinner time, treat time, WHATEVER time, TREATS are NOT REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR, & that’s why Bou wasn’t getting the point!! It’s a good thing that Bou is a Smart Dog because he caught on right away to exactly what “NO BARK” means…and that it involves #NOTreats! when you aren’t a Good Boy!

        Stacy, you are a genius!!! Thanks so much! We shall chat tomorrow!

    • Sorry for such a late reply but i’M FINALLY finishing up with my furry family obligations and clients.
      I really feel the best breed I have for you is the Miki or the mini Labradoodle ( They are between 8-16 lb so true mini) both are my two favorites of the breeds I have.
      Both low on barking and excellent mannered and social.
      I am available to talk later on Monday as tomorrow is family day before my son leaves to the army on Monday which will occupy my morning then early afternoon I have a dental appointment then available anytime to talk after that just call 904-838-9628

      • To Stacy’s son:
        From two very old Air Force Veterans (one Vietnam Era, the other over the skies of Vietnam) to the Brand New Serviceman: Thank You for Your Service, your Patriotism, and the Sacrifices you will be making for the Country We Love so very much! You will love it, you will hate it, you will be proud of your service for the rest of your life! My brother was a 25 year Army Paratrooper, he didn’t even have a GED when he left home! When he retired, not only had he worked to get his GED, BUT ALSO had his 4 year degree from college, retired as an E-9, and got to travel EVERYWHERE! Best of luck!! Be careful! Don’t forget, Mom worries!


  10. Lisa Meltzer says:

    Hi, will you have any malti poo fur babies ready to go home at the end of May early June?

    • We just had a mom come into heat so we will be breeding for Maltipoos sometime this week. If the mom takes then the pups would be born in 9 weeks then they go home at 8 weeks of age.

    • Lisa I have a female Maltipoo that just became available again. Let me know if you are interested. Don’t wait to long as I’m getting ready to list her again. She is a apricot cream color name Angel.
      Stacy- 904-838-9628

  11. Hi!

    We are looking for a Shorkie Poo puppy. Wondering if you have a waiting list? Also, we are in Minnesota. Did not see where you are located, but if necessary do you ship? Also, wondering price range of this breed.



    • Hello!

      Right now we are not expecting any Shorkipoos but this can change any day depending on when our mom comes into heat.
      We do offering flying your baby to you using Deltas first class program for $350

  12. Alexis Becks says:

    Do you currently have any Maltese puppies available?

  13. Jaymeisha says:

    How much are yall puppies

  14. Hi, how can we meet the puppies you have listed before making a decision?
    You have a chocolate multipoo Fudge that is beautiful.

    • You just call and set up an appt with me! All my babies are in my home and I’m usually available everyday except Sundays and then Wednesdays after 3. Would you like to visit this week? We are on the northside of Jacksonville, FL

  15. Hello. I emailed earlier but no response. I inquired about a puppy and now inquiring on another. I am looking at your little female, Sugar. Is she still needing a home? I’m trying to find a female, one I can drive to to pick up to avoid air travel. I’m also interested in a Havapoo but see that none are available. I’m not sure of the difference between the two. Of you could please help me find a sweet little girl, I’d be so grateful ! I love the care and love you give to your puppies! It’s just fantastic! I live in Brevard County, a two hour drive south of you. Please, I hope to hear from you. My number is 507/446-4775. Thank you so much. Beverly Walden.

  16. Caroline Kondracki says:


    My name is Caroline and I was wondering if Pippi was still available?
    Please contact me and your earliest convenience.
    Thank you so much!

    • Not sure if you are still interested but yes she is! Give Stacy a call or send a text as I know she is traveling back home from out of state. 904-838-9628

  17. Sylvia Walker says:

    It was a pleasure to speak with you. I Live in Jacksonville Florida. My name is Sylvia and I am interested in purchasing a Yorkie. Please sign me up to let me know the availability. My email address is sylvia@naiwbellc.net. Thank you!

  18. Hello!
    We are looking for a cavapoo puppy, preferably red or apricot colored. Is their any available or coming soon… Thank you

  19. Wow, I really appreciate your attention to detail around the social needs and training of your babies. I follow you on WordPress faithfully reading all your new births. I am ready to select an adorable baby puppy this year. Thanks for being there for us because your expertise is proven and professional, thanks.

  20. amandadavis30 says:


    I love your website! Glad I found it!
    I’m interested in a toy poodle. Is there a waitlist for deposits currently? If this comment appears twice, I’m sorry technical difficulties.

    Thank you,


  21. Hello!
    We will be a first time dog owners. Two children 13/8 really excited about the new family member.
    They can’t decide which puppy to purchase…
    Do you allow families to come and see them prior to purchase or is this all on line only?
    We are in the Jax area and our neighbors highly recommended from their experience.
    Thank you!

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