Testimonals for Puppies That Flew

What Clients Say When Picking Their Puppy Up From The Airport.

To help set your mind at ease flying a puppy from TLC Puppy Love we have started collecting testimonials from our client.

Stacy, We always remind our precious boy of his grandma! As for his flight to us I can say it was perfect! We were all at the airport the day Zingo arrived, I remember well the airline attendant that brought him out in the carry-on you provided for him. I leaned down and looked at him and he immediately stood up and started wagging his tail! He was very happy to see us and did not seem scared at all! He had his favorite stuffed animal that you provided (he still has that puppy today and plays with him all the time!) plus the food and water made his journey very comfortable for him. I would not hesitate if I were purchasing another sweet puppy from you having him sent by air! Please share my comments with any of your potential new parents or have them email me with any questions.

Thanks again for such a sweet baby boy and a very Merry Christmas to you and family! Jim

Zingo 2014


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