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We’d love to hear from you.  It is our pleasure to answer your questions and see if one of our puppies might be right for you. Our puppies aren’t the only ones who get TLC, our customers do too!  Our commitment to customer care starts the minute we hear from you.  Remember unlike most pet stores, we believe customer service begins with you finding the forever puppy of your dreams.  And continues through the life span of your dog.

We can be reached at 904-838-9628 or 904-861-7877 and by email at



  1. Michelle Dominick says:

    Hello we live in Atlantic Beach and are interested in finding a new puppy to join our family. We currently have a 13 yr old toy Yorkie. We are not 100% sure what kind of dog we would like next so I was hoping we could come visit you and see what kind of dogs you have and see what we like.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Good morning! We are interested in a pup and would like to stop by. Please let us know when your visiting hours are.

  3. Do you have any of the mini labradoodle puppies available?

  4. Cassandra Keller says:

    Hello there,
    I’m looking to get another puppy in our family and I’m trying to see what you do have available and any upcoming as well. We currently have a 10 month old puppy so we are looking for a buddy for her.

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