Our Breeds


  1. Rosemary Bell says:

    We are interested in a female shih tzu, please send info.about health,age price and availability. Thank you , Rosemary Bell

  2. We r interest in a malshi

  3. Joseph snook says:

    Hello I am interested in either a German Shepherd or a golden retriever, can you please contact me with prices.

  4. Hello,

    I am interested in a a Toy Poodle (brown) or Malte-poo mix

  5. King Davids says:

    Which puppies do you have available that DON’T shed hair?

    • All of our babies are non-shedding! You will have hair come out in the hairbrush just like our hair BUT you will not see any hair on your clothes, furniture, etc just from holding and petting them

  6. Hi do you have yorkiepoos?

    • I have ine older male t-cup yorkipoo at 13 weeks old he only weighs 2.3 lbs making him 4.8 lbs full grown.
      He is a true t-cup and is $2000
      Feel free to call me anhytime at 904-838-9628

  7. Vickie Olopade says:

    I’m looking for a puppy that won’t get to big. I see a little black one but I won’t a female.

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