Obedience Training & Discipline Basics

Teaching your puppy you are the BOSS from day one not them is vital. They want you to be and if you aren’t they will be. So if they are doing something you do not like correct the behavior the first time as it is harder to correct later!

Don’t allow your new puppy to run freely in your home as this can create bad habits such as chewing on your furniture, clothing, shoes etc, They can find a place to potty creating a habit that is harder to break later. Instead use the hand free training we have talked about, The puppy should be attached to you teaching them to stay close and making it easier to correct bad habits immediately.

The puppy playpens are perfect for training your puppy and giving you a great night sleep. To keep them excepting the playpen with no barking or crying continue what we started. I know it’s tempting to let them out to run freely but it is not wise as puppies spoil fast. Instead if you take your puppy out for an hour then put back in the pen for an hour. As the puppy starts learning you are the boss and respect for your home then they are out for longer periods of time. Once they are close to a year old they should be able to move freely in their home

Watch out videos for some great help



  1. Thanks so much for the videos!

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