Cockapoo Puppies

Noggin Male CKC Cockapoo Ready 2-26 SOLD 1Lb 4oz 6W4D old

The Cockapoo is an adorable small dog with a huge personality and winning temperament. They are more popular the smaller they are. They have been around for much longer than most hybrid dogs, dating back to the 1960s. These affectionate little dogs are completely people orientated, they adore their family and only want to please them. The Cockapoo is very intelligent and is ideal to train, picking up new tricks easily. They hardly shed any hair, and are minimal maintenance (But breeding a poodle with a cockapoo takes care of that). These dogs excel at agility course work, demonstrating tricks they have learned, are ideal as a therapy dog, and just love snuggling up to you to soak up your attention.

Cocker Spaniel and Poodle Cockapoo Health AVERAGE SIZE Height: 12-14 inches Weight: 13-18 lbs Height: 11-13 inches Weight: 10-16 lbs

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The Cockerpoo is one of the very first of the designer dog breeds. Indications point to an accidental breeding in the 1960s of the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel which produced the first ever Cockapoo and people loved the young puppies with their cute easy-going nature and sweet disposition. After that, well the Cockapoo line began and hasn’t wavered since. The Cockapoo will continue to win people’s hearts and will only grow in popularity as a true companion and family dog with a big loving heart.

Cockapoo Breed Appearance The size of the Cockapoo can vary depending on the size of the parent dog. While most Cockapoos are a result from a Miniature Poodle, they can also have a parent from a Standard Poodle – this dog can weigh over 19 pounds and is at least 15 inches in height. Size is the only difference; small and larger Cockapoo’s retain the same relaxed and happy nature.  They have a rounded head with long floppy ears, wide appealing dark eyes under bushy eyebrows and a black nose. The body is well proportioned with straight sturdy front legs and small rounded paws. The tail is medium in length and ends in a defined point. With their attractive soft curly coat and pleading eyes, they are a distinguished popular little dog. EYE COLOR POSSIBILITIES, Brown NOSE COLOR POSSIBILITIES, Black COAT COLOR POSSIBILITIES Silver Cream White Black Brown Red COAT LENGTH Short Medium Long COAT DENSITY Sparse Normal Dense COAT TEXTURE Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Cockapoo Breed Maintenance Not only that, but you get a dog that has the stamina and field spirit of the Cocker Spaniel, and the intelligence and lively spirit of the Poodle. Most Cockapoo are hypoallergenic dogs which is good news for those who suffer allergies. The Cockapoo is friendly and engaging with children, and readily accepts other dogs and pets. They have a moderate energy level and most of that will be spend racing from one person to another to beg a game or a cuddle. But they do need a daily outing which will keep them healthy and well socialized. These little dogs think everyone is their friend; they are affectionate and adorable. If you give them the opportunity to explore someplace new, it will keep them alert and mentally recharged. It is best to keep a leash on them as they will want to introduce themselves to every person or dog they meet.

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