What is Nutrical Puppy and why do I need it? How long do I need to use it?

Nutrical is a puppy supplement to help make sure they have enough nutrients through the transition to their new home, riding in cars, and when they get shots at the vet. It helps to calm them and keep their blood sugar level. This is needed for any puppy under 4 pounds. So if a t-cup they need it for a life time, other than that until the first tube is gone. I will show you how much and it’s given first thing in the morning and before bed at night.

How often do I feed my puppy?

The first two weeks leave food out all day. Then until 6 months old feed your puppy three times a day morning 1/4c afternoon and night 1/8cup. Pick up after 20 minutes. After 6 months go to two feedings a day ¼ cup per feeding. (Please keep them on all natural food for their own good, if you decide to switch please contact me on the formula so they do not get sick) Please make sure you keep out clean water all day. Dirty water can make a sick puppy.

What kind of treats do I feed my puppy?

Only use all natural treats and don’t over give them as it will make them sick. The best is pineapple, bananas, apples, small organic carrots, fresh green beans, you can freeze fruit too.

What is the best way to see my puppy have a successful future?

Always think of everything you do with them as if they are a human infant.  Things they do as puppies that may look cute now, may not be so cute later.  Only allow behavior you want to see in your adult dog. Puppies will not understand they outgrow their “cute stage”. So be consistent now and start training them to have the manners you want them to have as an adult.  What you reward, you empower.  What you tolerate will be what stays.

How often in a day can I hold my new puppy?

To continue them with separation training so they do not whine when you put them down a rule of thumb is after an hour put in playpen for an hour switch back and forth. This is also important to do because puppies are like newborns if held too much they can get sick. So as much as love and snuggle time is important, it is important to lay them down so they can sleep and grow.

What if my puppy whines or barks when I put them in their playpen?

Get the Paper towel insert and hit with your hand to make a loud sound to get their attention and tell them in a firm voice with a firm look no-no barking is rude. If they continue you can hit the playpen with the insert. But you NEVER need to hit your puppy.
They left my location knowing this technique so you should not have to use it, but it’s good to know just in case.

Should I pick my puppy up if they whine or bark?

Never pick them up as that would make them think that’s what they need do to get you to show them attention.  Use the technique above and leave the room if you have to.  Remember the behavior you reward is the behavior you empower.

What time do I put my puppy to bed at night?

Puppies do not know times but do know spans of times. At my home they go to bed at 10pm.  I just throw a sheet over their playpen (this helps keep drafts from them) and they know go to sleep. I can move all around their pen and they know it’s still bed time. They will quickly adjust to your time and routine.

Why should I put my puppy in playpen instead of a small crate?

How would you feel if I told you go your single bed and stay there except for a bathroom break? You would go stir crazy. But if I told you go to your room you can do all kinds of things exercise, move etc. You can handle that a lot better. That’s the same for your puppy when in a small crate they are penned up so long they go wild when finally out and hard to manage. But in a playpen because they had room to move around so they are calmer when you let them out.

Will using a U Go Dog Potty Tray interferes with outside potty training?

No it will not. It is great to have especially at night so your puppy does not wake you up to go potty. Instead they can relieve their self.  It is also great if you work because if you run late getting home they can still relieve their self.   Or if you want to go off with friends after work, or have a family day and it goes longer no worries your baby will be fine with their U Go Potty Tray.

Best way to describe it is when we learn to ride a bicycle we never forget even when we start driving. We can always fall back on it if we need to. That is how the tray works once they learn to potty outside

It will be their first choice but if unable to they will use the tray. Also great if you’re running late in the mornings and especially on rainy days you will love your tray.

How often does my new puppy need to potty?

That is a great question; some can hold it longer than others. Rule of thumb is how many months plus one is how many hours. But my clients who are at home and take them out once an hour to start with so they know that’s where to go get the best results. Make sure they have relieved their self before going back in. put them back in their playpen to use the tray if they haven’t potty outside.

How do I know if my puppy has to potty?

There are signs to look for to help you know to take them out to potty. If they start sniffing they usually need to urinate. If you see them turning in circles they need to poop. Take them out or to their tray immediately. NEVER punish your puppy if you did not see them potty and find it later. They do not understand they have to be caught in the process to correct them.

What can help me make potty process faster?

Always try to take them out the same door so they go there to tell you. Always use the same word when taking them out. A door hanger with bells is great just ring them as you go out, eventually they know to go ring it to alert you. You can give a treat when they potty outside.

Can I use a collar on my puppy?

Yes but only for a name tag and decoration. For walking you need to use a harness, failure to do so can cause permanent damage to their small larynx making them have a cough for the rest of their life.

Can my puppy ride in my car without restraints?

There is no law saying they have to be restrained, but personal experience after my own auto accident, makes me highly recommend a car seat. We carry a car seat carrier that my clients love. It is for your puppy safety!

Do I need to go to obedient classes?

My clients who have gone to obedient classes have the best transition results. They always tell me they have the smartest puppy. The truth is your puppy is so eager to learn new things but you may need to be trained to know how to train them.

How often should I give my puppy a bath?

Weekly schedule is good. This keeps them in a routine so you will not have to fight them as an adult. Dogs perspire when outside just like us, so I highly recommend our puppy colognes to freshen up their smell in between my clients just love these.

What do I shampoo my puppy with?

A puppy shampoo till they are one year old. If you see fleas, Dawn {blue} dishwashing detergent is great as it kills fleas. But the best would be a monthly flea heartworm treatment from your vet.

I have to go out of town what can I expect if you sit for my puppy?

Your baby will be treated as they are at your home. You bring what they stay in for the day and night, potty tray if using one, food if you changed, favorite toys and bed.  We allow them to sleep with a person if that’s what they are use too. The nicest thing about here is they are in a home environment, unlike business that crate them except for potty breaks and where they close for the night and only go in to feed and potty breaks on weekends and holiday. Besides that they love coming to grandma’s house.

I only sit dogs we have sold.  The charge is $25.00 a day.


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    I am very interested in getting a puppy from you guys. How much is the deposit?

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