Schnoodle Pups

Schnoodle Pups

Schnoodle, are a wonderful breed! They are two breeds Schnauzer and poodle which is a great combinations as both breeds are highly intelligent and easy to train making me a great family dog. The Schnauzer part is very trainable, eager to please but needs someone to take the time to train them. They also have a fun side that loves to run and go for walks. The poodle part makes them think they are human and is insulted if you call them a dog. They want you to train them and make them mind. They are wonderful at eye contact when you talk to them and when their in your arms they try to get as close to you as they can to you.

Both breeds blend into one are known as the Schnoodle breed, which will impress their owner with the ability to understand and respond to a fairly large number of phrases, such as “bring your leash” or “fetch the ball”. Their intelligence also enables them to participate in competitions, in categories of agility and obedience. They are a great family dog and love children. Schnoodles are charming, funny and smart, and their alert nature — thanks to that double dose of Schnauzer and Poodle attentiveness — makes them excellent watchdogs. They are affectionate, energetic dogs who make great companions. So, the best way to describe the Schnoodles are, wonderful loving pets, who add fun and excitement to their owners’ life. Shower you with love and care, and you will have a loyal friend and companion for life!

They are non- shedding and hypo-allergenic which makes for a cleaner environment in your home. Their tails are docked as both breeds have docked tails. And all oue Schnoodles come with dew claws removed as this is better for the puppy as an adult due to the dew claw for grooming can cause problems.

If you choose the Schnoodle you will not be disappointed.

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