Meet the Owner

My name is Stacy Collins Owner, Breeder, and Mid-woof here at TLC Puppy Love where a puppy only knows love from birth till they go to their forever home with you.

You may wonder why I do this, it’s not the money if so I would get so much more for my puppies with all the hours I put into a day work. But it’s the love of what I do and the joy I see in people faces when they meet their new family member. The joy after reading emails, text and seeing pictures of my grand pups in their new family. I have clients from the first puppy that still keep up with me. Some even come back and get a second puppy and so many refer me to family and friends.

But my real joy is when I am doing what I love best being a mid-woof. That’s right I have a real name this is when a person hand deliver puppies into this beautiful world our God created. People ask me can’t a dog deliver pups by their self? They can but that is my favorite part and I would feel cheated if I missed out on the delivery. But I also do it because smaller dogs can run into problems delivering a puppy and needs help getting it out. That’s where I come in, my job is once I see the puppy coming I take over and do what I can to deliver a strong healthy pup for mommy, then cut open the bag, clamp and cut the cord and clean them up. Once I see it is a healthy puppy I get them started nursing. This frees mommy up for energy to take care of them in the weeks to come. Within an hour of birth I cut the dew claws and if the breed requires dock the tail. This way the nerve ending are not all connected making less pain for puppy. But that is just when my work begins.

It takes time and energy caring for expecting moms, but more so when she delivers, because now you have puppies. I always want them in a clean environment so clean bedding and air are so important.

Once puppies start potty training my work increases because now there are trays to keep clean too. Then separation training starts and work increases greatly. Now instead of one playpen, bedding, dishes and potty trays to clean for the litter it’s one per puppy multiplying my work greatly. But to know I have presented you with a well adjusted puppy starting their training and not getting stressed when left alone or crying all night, makes everything I do worth it!

My mom told me once, “You know when you’re working in your gift, because no matter how hard or how many hours you work you still love it.”  She is right I love it even thou my plans get interrupted at the last minute because a mom goes into labor, or my days are usually 18 hour days, and even when I miss sleep because a mom decides it’s time to deliver her puppies right when I lay my head on a pillow and I have to get right back up. The truth is I LOVE MY JOB! I love the satisfaction of knowing I help make a family happy with a well adjusted puppy for years to come.

In 1982 I had Chow Chows and started breeding for the first time. I knew I found what I loved doing. Only to be disappointed after getting so sick and test proved I was highly allergic to dog hair and dandruff. How sad after a year I had to stop. Years passed by when only a fond memory of what I loved.

Then in 2007 I discovered there was hypoallergenic and non-shedding dog. I was so excited I was going to try this again but started slowly. After studying the breeds I found Yorkshire (Yorkies) were also good for people with asthma so that how I started, no problems so I added the sweet Shih Tzu still good then the Maltese. Finally I was talked into the poodle breed; I have to tell you till this time I didn’t even think I liked poodles. But now I absolutely love my poodles they really think they are human and so smart. So now I am on my way and years later I am still well.

All I can say is, “Thank you God for making a dog for those of us with allergies!”

Within the first year people started asking me about Specialty Designer Dogs, not sure what they were asking I was quickly educated. These Designer pups are my best sellers and especially if it has poodle in it.

I learn so much about dogs, puppies and the delivery every day. The more I learn, the more I can educate my clients. So why wouldn’t I love my job. I look forward to meeting you and pairing you up the breed that is perfect for you!

With all this said I have to add how much I love my family for backing me up with what I love doing. They have accepted the fact that plans can change in a minute, and long vacations are few and never. Our home is filled with furry babies (but we keep it smelling nicely!).  My family gives me and my puppies grace during separation time, when the puppies can be loud until they learn to mind their manners. But still my family stands behind me, supports me and loves our babies. What more could a woman ask for?

Video Credit: Veronica Hope    Photo Credit: Shawna Rehme


  1. Angie Hummell says:

    We live in the jacksonville area and would love to see the puppies that you have available, in person, please? Is this an option? We are looking for a cavapoo or some type of dog like this. We have a Maltese and he is great!

    Please let me know

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