Meet the Owner

My name is Stacy Collins Owner, Breeder, and Mid-woof here at TLC Puppy Love where a puppy only knows love from birth till they go to their forever home with you.

You may wonder why I do this, it’s not the money if so I would get so much more for my puppies with all the hours I put into a day work. But it’s the love of what I do and the joy I see in people faces when they meet their new family member. The joy after reading emails, text and seeing pictures of my grand pups in their new family. I have clients from the first puppy that still keep up with me. Some even come back and get a second puppy and so many refer me to family and friends.

But my real joy is when I am doing what I love best being a mid-woof. That’s right I have a real name this is when a person hand deliver puppies into this beautiful world our God created. People ask me can’t a dog deliver pups by their self? They can but that is my favorite part and I would feel cheated if I missed out on the delivery. But I also do it because smaller dogs can run into problems delivering a puppy and needs help getting it out. That’s where I come in, my job is once I see the puppy coming I take over and do what I can to deliver a strong healthy pup for mommy, then cut open the bag, clamp and cut the cord and clean them up. Once I see it is a healthy puppy I get them started nursing. This frees mommy up for energy to take care of them in the weeks to come. Within an hour of birth I cut the dew claws and if the breed requires dock the tail. This way the nerve ending are not all connected making less pain for puppy. But that is just when my work begins.

It takes time and energy caring for expecting moms, but more so when she delivers, because now you have puppies. I always want them in a clean environment so clean bedding and air are so important.

Once puppies start potty training my work increases because now there are trays to keep clean too. Then separation training starts and work increases greatly. Now instead of one playpen, bedding, dishes and potty trays to clean for the litter it’s one per puppy multiplying my work greatly. But to know I have presented you with a well adjusted puppy starting their training and not getting stressed when left alone or crying all night, makes everything I do worth it!

My mom told me once, “You know when you’re working in your gift, because no matter how hard or how many hours you work you still love it.”  She is right I love it even thou my plans get interrupted at the last minute because a mom goes into labor, or my days are usually 18 hour days, and even when I miss sleep because a mom decides it’s time to deliver her puppies right when I lay my head on a pillow and I have to get right back up. The truth is I LOVE MY JOB! I love the satisfaction of knowing I help make a family happy with a well adjusted puppy for years to come.

In 1982 I had Chow Chows and started breeding for the first time. I knew I found what I loved doing. Only to be disappointed after getting so sick and test proved I was highly allergic to dog hair and dandruff. How sad after a year I had to stop. Years passed by when only a fond memory of what I loved.

Then in 2007 I discovered there was hypoallergenic and non-shedding dog. I was so excited I was going to try this again but started slowly. After studying the breeds I found Yorkshire (Yorkies) were also good for people with asthma so that how I started, no problems so I added the sweet Shih Tzu still good then the Maltese. Finally I was talked into the poodle breed; I have to tell you till this time I didn’t even think I liked poodles. But now I absolutely love my poodles they really think they are human and so smart. So now I am on my way and years later I am still well.

All I can say is, “Thank you God for making a dog for those of us with allergies!”

Within the first year people started asking me about Specialty Designer Dogs, not sure what they were asking I was quickly educated. These Designer pups are my best sellers and especially if it has poodle in it.

I learn so much about dogs, puppies and the delivery every day. The more I learn, the more I can educate my clients. So why wouldn’t I love my job. I look forward to meeting you and pairing you up the breed that is perfect for you!

With all this said I have to add how much I love my family for backing me up with what I love doing. They have accepted the fact that plans can change in a minute, and long vacations are few and never. Our home is filled with furry babies (but we keep it smelling nicely!).  My family gives me and my puppies grace during separation time, when the puppies can be loud until they learn to mind their manners. But still my family stands behind me, supports me and loves our babies. What more could a woman ask for?

Video Credit: Veronica Hope    Photo Credit: Shawna Rehme


  1. kimberly Ulery says:

    Where are you located? What puppies do you have available?
    Kimberly DeVine Ulery

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I am located in Jacksonville, FL if you are close I would love for you to come see our puppies. For my long distance clients they use video stream through one of the three sources, Facetime, Tango or Skype.
      Would you like to come or video.
      The puppies available still but expect any of them to be available to long. Litter of four Malshipoo 1 female Micah available
      Litter of two female Malship 6 wks old 1 female Cupcake still available
      Litter of three Malshi 2 wks today 2 females 1 male available
      Litter of 4 Imperial ShihTzu 2 females and 1 male still available
      Just born yesterday 2 male Morkipoo waiting on person with deposit to pick her then 1 male available.
      My litter of Shorkipoo if you saw them the last male just got a deposit today.
      So as you can see my puppies go fast out of the 17 new puppies only 9 are still available.
      Feel free to contact me if you’re still interested we can talk about any of the breeds, the training they come with and their health care from the time they are born.
      Stacy Collins

  2. Hi, Stacy! We live in town, also, and were wondering if you have any female Maltese puppies available. Thank you!!!

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I am sorry no Maltese at this time. But I do have a female White with one dark ear Malshi attaching her pic but I have to email from a different email my website will not allow me to do this. Let me know if you want to come visit.

  3. Jodi Balestrieri says:

    I am interested in a female shokipoo.
    Will you have any litters coming up?
    Can I come meet you and your babies?

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Jodi I do not any right now but waiting on two of my Shih Tzu to come in heat that will be Shorkie Litters. I can keep you posted.
      Also yes I would love to have you come meet me and our pups anytime just call for an appointment.
      Stacy Collins 904-838-9628

  4. Hi! I am interested In a Shihpoo-do you ever have clients out of state? We are in New Jersey. 🙂

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I enjoyed talking to you tonight and believe we can have the perfect Shihpoo. This litter estimated adult weight is between 6-8 lbs with Brownie being the smallest and may only be 5lbs.
      Feel free to call me back again tomorrow.

  5. Hi Stacy, I was wondering do you ever have any Cock-a-poos? Thank you

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      No I don’t because I have allergies to puppies so everything I have has to be non shedding and hypo allergenic.

  6. Hi Stacy. I’m looking to get a little brother or sister for our 18 month old malshi. How exactly does this adoption process work? Do we have to meet? Do you need to see our home? Our schedules? How does it all work?
    Thanks for your help!

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I have some adorable male Malshi too! Our adoption process is simple. I do not need to see your home. I like to speak to you first to make sure this is the type of puppy you really want so no regrets later. Since you already have a Malshi you pass there. I like to know if you ever add dogs and how long or was it just the puppy stage then you get tired of them since I adopt out for them to be forever pups. Well you have a 18 month you pass there.
      I like to meet my clients if you live close and that allows you visitation with your baby for bonding. But if you love far away phone, text email conversations are also acceptable. If you have means of Video stream we can facetime, skype or tango. This is not to be a hard adoption but a wonderful experience of bringing a little more joy into someone family. So let me know if you want to move forward look at the 4 males available and their eyes should be opening anytime at which point I will take new pics too. Please feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628.
      If you decide you want to place $100 deposit on one you can call me with a credit card or go on paypal with my email and please pay as family and friends.
      Blessings Stacy Collins

  7. Hi
    I am looking for a Malshi or Shorkie puppy. Can you tell me when you are expecting new liters.

  8. Hello…
    I wanted to know if you had to make an appointment to come and see the puppies?

  9. Can I come on Friday?

  10. Grace Patterson says:

    Do you breed Shih-poo’s?

  11. Laura Gasser says:

    I am interested in your morkipoo puppies. I love the one in your first pic. What is the general price range. Is it possible to leave a deposit for one that will k8nd of look like the puppy in pic that would be between 5 to 10 pounds. Lol or if I am asking the impossible feel free to tell me. I just lost my coton de tulear of 18 years.. so sad…

    • Just had three females born last Wed and all are doing great I will be posting soon so you can check them out.

  12. i am very interested in a black and white havashu. the puopy on ur havanese page is idealy what im looking for however i do understand i cant have exactly that lol. i would like on the taller side 10-12 inches and in the adult weight range of 10-12lbs when do you have litters of havashus

  13. What would it cost to ship a Maltipoo to Mass?

  14. I’m actually in Juno Beach now for the week might you have an Apricot Maltipoo ready to leave?

    • I am sorry no they are not old enough.
      All I have that can leave right now is apricot male Yorkipoo who adult weigh estimated 5-6 lbs
      Havanese males
      Imperial Shih Tzu Male
      Havashire Male and
      Yorkie Male

  15. I’m having a difficult time reading your response I’m very interested in an Apricot I’m here in Fla for the week if not now I’m back the first 2 weeks of October.

    Tx so much’


  16. Ok can you please let me know when you’ll have an Apricot in the future? Tx so much!

  17. Hello! I am looking for a tiny female pup around 5-6 pounds. I like the range of yorkies, morkies, maltiopoos, morkipoos, essentially any breed small and fluffy.

  18. Marcy D Woznick says:

    Hey! I know it’s difficult to know exact dates of things but I’m looking for a puppy for my daughter’s 12th birthday. We are not 100% stuck on a certain breed. We will need the puppy the last week of September. Do you have any plans already set for puppies to be born and ready towards the end of September…? Please let me know asap. Thank you, Marcy

  19. Angela Winther says:

    We have Tessa, who is now our precious Bella. We love her so much and couldn’t imagine life without her.

  20. Valerie Vinger says:

    Looking for a morkie poo soon. Will you have any soon? Where are you located ? What is the cost of puppy ? We are in Colorado. Thank you. Valerie

  21. Looking for a imperial shih tzu femal white with tan or brown. I have an 9 yr old and she lost her sister in June. I have delivered 2 sets of shih zues myself years ago. We Ave dog parks and plenty of room for walks. I live in Baymeadows in Jacksonville

    • What are ur costs

    • I only have one her name is Miracle I usually sell them for $1750 but have her at $1500 because right now one nostril is smaller so she snorts I have sold Shih Tzu with small nostrils before and their nose opened up. She also has a small umbilical hernia vet has checked it and said its just a ottie belly button. I just sold one yesterday that was 4 months old who had an umbilical hernia that stretched out as he got older and was no longer. So both of these could grow out but in case that doesn’t happen I discounted $250 making her $1500 She will be 8-10 lbs. She has soft thick hair. Let me know if you want to come meet her. I’m not that far from you as I’m close to the airport.
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628

  22. Matt Terry says:

    Hi, I’m interested in buying one of your puppies so my 5.5lb papitese has a playmate. Does you have any kindkfpuppy of similar size?? Thanks

  23. I am interested in a Male Yorkie. Are they AKC and does the dog come with a health certificate. What is your warranty on dogs. I live I in Nocatee where are you from there. Being a retired Police Captain and having two yorkies who lived 11 and 15 yers of age. First one was small toy and the last was bigger between 5-7 lbs. I would be doing a check on your company as well to check. It is all about the owner and your reputation saw a breeder. Also, are you on FB and can I get a list of recommendations from previous buyers. Thank You

  24. Susan Parker says:

    Hello, I am interested in a female maltese. Not sure if there are any available now, but do you have any ideas when some will be? I live in Central Florida, so I’m just a 2 hr drive away. Looking to hear from you.

    Thank you, Sue

  25. Stacey, what do you have available or will be available next month?

    • I only have 5 puppies still available Aug 29th One male Havanese toy size
      In Sept two Morkipoo one male one female and two Havapoo also one male one female
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628

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