SOLD! Kalli Says I Just Know We Will Be Perfect Together! Discounted 50% off

Imperial Shih Tzu Parents Scarlett and Romeo Announce Litter of Three Female Born 7/1 and Ready To leave on 8/26

Hey I’m Kalli and I am a tiny baby girl. My estimated adult weight is only 5 lbs and when you have tiny Shih Tzu sometimes you get hernias the umbilical one is cosmetics and is a simple repair if you want it doone when you spayed me. But I also have the lower hernia called the inguinal that has to have surgery when I spayed so grandma has discounted from $2500 to $1250 thats 50% off. The surgery at time of spayed for both usually is an additional  $300 so grandma feels discounting me $1250 makes it worth your wild. So if you want tiny thats me. I will be so lovable that you will not want to leave me behind especially after I cover you with kisses and hugs and I already sleep through the night so you can sleep too. So what are you waiting for call grandma and say I want Kalli and lets both start dreaming of our life together.

See my Baby Book on Flickr and watch me grow!

BORN: 07/01/2015  READY 08/28/2015

Looks like I’m keeping my name Kalli and my new home is in Key Largo, FL .

What a cutie pie. She has been prayed over for finding her forever home .

She is so beautiful just look at her white and brindle body also ears and eyes have the beautiful brindle her ears will  highlight her face,She is short, stocky and smallest of her litter. This Imperial Shih Tzu with the thickest softness silky hair ever that will love to run your fingers through. At 6 weeks she weighs 1.7lbs making estimated adult weight 5lbs. She is an Imperial Shih Tzu as regular Shih Tzu weighs 18-22lbs. half off. She does have the umbical and inguinal hernia so I discounted her.  This is easily repaired at time of spayed. She should never be bred.

Regularly: $3500
Cash Special:  $2500   Discounted $ 1250 Takes 50% savings off already special price
Credit Card Special:$2600 Discounted $1325

Paying Paypal my account is my  email memo put Female ShihTzu  puppy Kalli (please pay as family and friends to save fees)

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