WWW.CUTEHAVANESE.COM Is a scammer company out there that has stolen my puppies pictures which have been long sold. I have talked to people almost scammed and one lady who was scammed. Please know if it sounds to good it probably is. Always ask for a live video stream using facetime, skype or tango if they can’t do that and they don’t allow you to come to them then know it’s probably a scam. Also you ask for a video with them mentioning your name date and something about your conversation. This breaks my heart people are being scammed.

I have reported to all legal authorities and to the person letting them know to take the site down we will see.



  1. Well, here’s another person that was scammed. I paid 1/2 by PayPal with insurance and credit card, so I have a way to get my money back,hopefully. This person actually lives in India. I did some investigating on my on. Thank you for posting this warning. He represents himself as going out of business because his wife is having twins. He is very convincing. I bought Bella, and I did ask for more current pictures because the jpg pictures were dated with her age and weight. I am very disappointed in the entire situation, especially myself. Do you ship puppies direct to someone’s home address?is there someone I should contact to report this besides the bank and PayPal? Did the other people receive some sort of puppy?

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