Are Fragrances Safe? A Must Read For Pet Safety

I love my home to smell inviting for my family & friends, So I burn Candles and candle wax, But is it safe for my puppy?

If you are a Candle Burner and love scents then see why we are so excited to announce a safe alternative way to keeping your home smelling wonderful that is safe and pet friendly!

 PZ Safer choice With my furry family in my home my clients are expecting a bad doggie smell when they arrive. But instead they are pleasantly surprised how my home smells and usually comment on it. I have always used candle and wax burners thinking it fine till now. What I have learned I want to share with you for a safer place for your new puppy and your human family.

I work hard to keep it clean and have used wax burners for years. But it’s one thing I can’t use in my puppy nursery that probably needs it the most. So you maybe wonder why that is.

Well this is what I have recently learned; the vast majority of scented candles and synthetic fragrances are health hazards! Candles can release carcinogenic chemicals and lead into your home when burned and synthetic fragrances can cause respiratory and nervous system problems, depression, thyroid and hormone disruption, and allergies. This is bad for humans so you can image how it can harm a small puppy.

The exciting thing is one of my client introduced me to a safe product made in the USA that is safe for people with allergies and for my sweet small puppies now I can burn this in my puppy rooms too or use one my soakers for a fragrance.

This is great news for someone who loves the smell of scented candles as well as a healthier alternative to the chemical released with synthetic candles. Once you start looking you will see you have options such as all natural candles, to homemade potpourri, or a simple diffuser and essential oils. But the one I love is the new product that I recently learned about is Pink Zebra Sprinkles. My client saw how much I loved burning scents in my home and wanted to help me make a safer environment for my family, clients and pets. On one of her puppy visitations she came bearing gifts to introduce me to the safe sweet fragrances of Pink Zebra sprinkles I knew they looked adorable but didn’t understand the safety benefit of it. See I never knew how dangerous my candle wax were for my home. All I knew was when they were in my small puppy rooms my puppy eyes would have tear stains, making me take the scents out. After talking to my client, I started researching  about candle and honestly I was so shocked and educated at the same time about chemical in regular wax and Pink Zebra soy products without dangerous chemicals.

Sprinkles are a new twist on home fragrance products.

Instead of using regular wax bars to place in a warmer (like Scentsy), these are small pellets or “sprinkles” of soy wax. They’re highly scented, so it only takes about a tablespoon of sprinkles to scent a large 20 x20 area. The sprinkles can be combined in different “recipes” to achieve different scent combinations. You can follow recipes created by the company and consultants, or experiment with your own mixtures. The sprinkles can be put in a jar and have a wick added to create a candle, or my favorite just let them melted in a simmer pot or warmer or even just set out in a dish as an air freshener. The company offers a variety of different warmers and decorative shades to choose from. Or if you are like me you already have some using the bad wax. Pink Zebra Sprinkles will burn in what you already have I know I use my old burners as well as some new ones just make sure they have enough heat to get the maximum scent from your sprinkles. Another favorite are the soakers I think my favorite is the new car smell scent on a soaker inside my car. You can safely use soakers anywhere  even where there is no electric as it is not needed.

So why add Pink Zebra Sprinkles to your home?

That’s no brainer it is safe for your human family and your pets!

They are made with soy so they  burn clean, with no harmful fumes, and have very long burn times as well.

No more worries about the hazards caused by the chemicals released in the soot and smoke of a candle or what’s used in the wick (although Pink Zebra does offer non-metal, lead-free, cotton wicks for those who want to make candles with the sprinkles).

Versatility now you can use as little or as much as you want at a time, and with 60 different scents the combinations you can come up with are endless!

Long Lasting Strong Scent only a little amount of sprinkles is enough fragrance to scent a 20 X 20 room so one jar of sprinkles goes a long way!

Pink Zebra uses soy wax produced Soy burns cleaner, doesn’t release fumes, and burns longer, slower, and at a lower temperature than paraffin wax.

Non-toxic ingredients. Ingredients undergo extensive testing and are deemed “non-toxic”. This means if your toddler swallows a handful of sprinkles, he or she will most likely be fine, although it probably won’t taste very good.

No phthalates. Pink Zebra’s products are phthalate free So what is Phthalates? It’s a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break. They are often called plasticizers which show health hazard why would we even want that in our home.

No BPA packaging. All Pink Zebra packaging is bisphenol A free. Also used to make plastic more flexible and has shown hazard effects on humans

We are proud to say Pink Zebra Gives back to the community. Pink Zebra supports the HEROES charity, which donates daycare to single moms, as well as several other charities.

 So if you want a safer home and at the same enjoy fragrance and want to give back to your community then PINK ZEBRA IS THE ONLY CHOICE.PZ So many sprinkles banner

To check us out and place a order got

Come on and join me to sweet smelling home the safer way!

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