Feb 2017 Puppies

Feb Puppies are here if you see one you like and it says STILL AVAILABLE then go to that breed page to learn more about that puppy.

41 Puppies SOLD SOLD OUT

Gino Male CKC Havanese $1800 BUT WAIT PUPPY SPECIAL $1250 Ready 2/16 SOLD MY NEW HOME OCALA, FL


  1. Maralena Adkins says:

    Hey Good morning, ☀️ I love at least 3 of these Beauties. Sent from my iPhone


  2. Maralena Adkins says:

    Good morning, 🌞 Love love 3 of these beautiful females. Cupid, Diva, & Babe. But only can have 1. How long do I have to make a decision? We’re moving into new house February 1st. Or do I think it best to wait to the next litter? Thank you 😊 Mara

    Sent from my iPhone


    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      This will really be a good time for your baby and because they are use to separation in a playpen they only get out when you are giving them your attention so they don’t get into bad habits of potty and chewing on things.
      Cupid is a male so you might want o look at Sweet Pea Diva Has Deposit but Babe is still available.
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628

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