Havashu Puppies

View the available Havashu puppies below and if you see one you like, if it says STILL AVAILABLE then scroll past this group til you come to that puppy page



  1. Biannca Atkins says:

    When will you have some more like Egypt and Cleopatra?

    • We are hoping to have a litter Summer/Fall time frame

      • Oh ok… can you make a deposit to hold one or you wait til they are born?

      • Yes we do have clients that like to place a deposit for first, 2nd or 3rd choice depending on if any previous deposits are already placed. You would get to see the puppies before they are shown to anyone else and choose your baby.
        If the momma does not have what you are looking for then you can have your deposit back.

  2. Any more on the way?

  3. Biannca Atkins says:

    How long do you have to pay for the puppy and how much are the deposits?

    • The deposit is $200 and balance is due when you pick the puppy up at 8 weeks of age which is May 8th
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628

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