Effective Friday April 3rd we are making changes to stay within the guidelines the State of FL has issued for the safe home lock down. So to keep everyone safe we are closing to the public coming to view puppies or have puppy visitation.

We are still allowing viewing and visitation the second best way possible with a live video stream. We use I- phone Android and Facebook Instant messenger. It is the next best thing for a live view but is limited up to 5 minutes since this will be more people using this mode of viewing.

As always we are only a phone call away to answer any of your questions and concerns. We have also just finished taking pictures of all our puppies so know as I am updating on the computer the blue background are the newest pictures just taken on Wed. April 1st.

Have no worries all our furry family will still be getting the best care and love they can receive.

I pray everyone a safe time in this challenge in all of our lives.

Stacy Collins and the whole TLC Puppy Love Team.

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