Maltipoo Pups Ready July & Aug 2020

Gorgeous Maltipoo Puppies If you see one you love and it says STILL AVAILABLE scroll past past the puppies till you come to their page to learn more about them.



  1. Paula Girard says:

    I want a maltipoo…. I’m hoping someone may move to a different list & a spot opens up 😫


    • You are welcome to place a deposit to get “in line” as we do have 18 deposits placed. BUT we are expecting 5 litters!

  2. Vivica M. Brown Esq. says:

    Hi! If you have any female maltipoos that are not picked up, I’d love one. Any idea on the next litter?

    • we are expecting 2 this month, 2 in July and 1 in August but we do have 18 deposits. You are welcome to place one to get in line otherwise we can place you on a waiting list if something opens up!

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