Expecting Breeds and Dates Due

Life is getting ready to be a little crazy here as we have so many moms expecting puppies. Praying they are all with puppies and no false pregnancies.


Aussiedoodle (Medium) 9/29 & 10/26 Cavapoo 9/22 Goldendoodle 10/16 & 10/25  Havanese 10/18  Havapoo  9/22, 10/4 & 10/5  Havashu 10/3  Mini Labradoodle 9/30 & 10/25  Malshi  10/26 Maltipoo  10/26  Miki 10/26  Morkie 9/26  Morkipoo 10/9   Poodle 10/4 & 10/12  Shihpoo 10/21, 10/22 Shih Tzu 10/20 & 10/25 Shihcon (Teddy Bear) 9/29 Yorkie 10/18

To see videos of our newest puppies click on this link to be directed to the videos of Havanese, Havamalt, Havapoo, Maltipoo, Mini Labradoodle and Shorkipoo puppies they will melt your heart!


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