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We’d love to hear from you.  It is our pleasure to answer your questions and see if one of our puppies might be right for you. Our puppies aren’t the only ones who get TLC, our customers do too!  Our commitment to customer care starts the minute we hear from you.  Remember unlike most pet stores, we believe customer service begins with you finding the forever puppy of your dreams.  And continues through the life span of your dog.

We can be reached at 904-838-9628 or 904-910-5006 and by email at


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  1. janet sousa says:

    Hi lovely pups, any waiting list 4a backup for a female pup thanx jan

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Janet this is a new website for me and have to get use to this new message system. Are you still looking for a female puppy?
      All I have are 5 males but I am getting ready to have new pups soon just waiting on the moms

  2. Hi stacy:

    I would like to buy Griffith..aka Snooker our name for him. We could come next weekend the 11th or 12th to pick him up.

    Miriam sparks you have been talking to my husband. my number is 303 810 1391. I crushed my phone but will have another by tomorrow.’

    Miriam Sparks

  3. Hi Stacy. I am so glad for your patience. All my furniture arrived with mold after 3plus months and I was overwhelmed!

    I plan to drive down Sunday the 19th and meet with u and pick up snooks Monday the 20th. Have not had time to look at what I need as have been busy w bleach!

    Hope u r feeling better.

    Miriam Sparks

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I am so sorry to hear your furniture arrived in that condition. I know you must be overwhelmed. I am so sorry. But I will see you the 19th. I was really happy it had to be delayed so I would be here. I hate not being here when a puppy goes. So till next weekend.

  4. Catherine says:

    What is a HavaShu, Morkipoo, Shihpoo, Malshi? Mixed poodles?

  5. Do you have any teacup Yorkie Poo puppies?

  6. Cheryl West says:

    Im looking for a small, black, yorkipoo. Do you have any or expecting any soon? Thank you for your time. Cheryl

  7. Richard Davis says:

    I am looking for a 3rd Morkie female. We have 2 at home now ages 3 and 4 and very specific criteria for the new baby and are not in a rush to purchase.

    Please contact me so that I can send you are details.

    Thank you

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I will let you know when I have a female Maorkie right now only 3 males. But You will be the first to know when I have a baby girl!

  8. Delaney Cattano says:

    Hi we are looking for a female maltipoo puppy to bring home to add to our little family! Do you know if you will be expecting a new litter soon and is there a waiting list we can be put on!?

  9. Hello! I am in search of a very tiny sized female hypoallergenic pup. I have mostly been looking for a yorkipoo, but I would look at other mixes also. I am hoping for tiny sized full grown. Let me know if you have anything available or upcoming. Thanks!

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I just went through all my litters to see what small girls are still available:
      Lucy a gorgeous black and white CKC Shorkipoo both parents are small 4.8 &5 lbs
      All my other tiny girls are claimed and I have lots of boys right now.
      Attaching link to her photo album

      Thank You Stacy Collins

      • tlcpuppylovewm says:

        Stacie not sure how small you are wanting but I have a Morkipoo who just can back on the market because the weather has been to bad to fly her in to them.
        You can find her on my Morkipoo page she is Sweetie and just the sweetest baby girl
        Stacy Collins

  10. Michelle says:

    Hi – how do I get on the waiting list for a female Yorkipoo?

    Thank you!

  11. Terry Oliphant says:

    Hi Stacey…

    It’s Terry Oliphant.. Could you please call me sometime today
    when you have a chance. I have some questions I need to ask before I start
    driving on Friday for over 9 hours.. Lol

    Thanks so much😀

  12. NICOLE HABOUSH says:

    Im looking for a Morkie around $650. Healthy with small ears. Max five lbs. Townhome. Yard. Single female. 46. Work from home. Office is dog friendly too. Been dogless a year n a half. Had a maltese and Yorkie from puppies Til old age 14 n 17. Thanks.

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Sorry I do not have any puppies in that price range my average $1750.00
      But I will pray you find what you’re looking for.

  13. Lori Grussmark says:

    I am very interested in the Havanese puppy Cooper. Please contact me.
    Thank you! Lori 305-608-4778

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I just saw this email about Cooper the Havanese unfortunately it was after I finished with all my furry family and saw this. I feel it is to late to call you but I am still up if you want to call me 904-861-pups (7877)
      If not I will call you tomorrow.

  14. Sorry sent email earlier then thought about it later… we just moved to Melbourne FL and would be willing to come visit our new puppy when one becomes available. Looking for breeds Maltese, Morkie, Maltipoo, yorkiepoo… we need a hypoallergenic dog that has a good temperament around kids as we have 4… 5, 7, 9, and 14… the construction on our house will be completed by the end of August so we would be able to accept a new member to our family by mid to end of September… please contact me to let me know what you might have available

  15. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    …I am thoroughly amazed with your puppies and your site! I just found you on puppyfind, and want to say “thank you” …for the hard work, time and effort you give! Truly heartfelt!
    “God’s Blessings” to you and All of yours…
    I’ve just begun to look ~ for a precious little one…I’m trying to get stronger, since my lhasa was called home.
    You are wonderful and it shows in your darling puppies.
    Sincere Thanks! Stephanie

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Thank you for your sweet words.
      It’s true I do put a lot of hard work into my puppies but they deserve the best and I love them so much.
      So sorry for your loss I pray I have a puppy that will help to feel that hole that I know must be in your heart.
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-861-pups (7877) we can also facetime with my puppies too.
      Stacy Collins

  16. Hi Stacy…..Just wanted to let you know that Martie has been such a blessing to my husband and I. He was a handful for a while but he has become quite a little gentleman. We love his so very much. He is now 2 1/2 years old and 16lbs. He’s “momma’s” boy and has to go with me every where I go. He loves to ride and gets really excited when we go camping. He loves Jekyll Island, GA. and Otter Creek Campground here in Virginia. Thank you for allowing us to adopt our Martie.

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      Thank you for the sweet update.
      Martie is so blessed to be so loved. I would love to see an updated pic sometime and give him a big kiss from grandma

  17. Pam Howard says:

    Stacy–Sorry that we have not been able to connect. I am very interested in talking to you about a pup. My sister is turning 75 and I would love to get her a pup. Pam 404-403-4155

  18. I am looking for a male shorkie poo, do you have any?

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I only have one left he is black and is one special from 1750 to 1500
      We can facetime, skype or Tango with him if you like. Also feel free to call me anytime at 904-861-7877

  19. Summer Williams says:

    Greetings Stacy ~

    I am so taken by all the love, passion, & knowledge that your site so clearly reveals that you have for all your little babies. Once we finally decided to go ahead w/ adding a couple, baby, Havapoo girls to our family, we began the search, & we were instantly drawn in by you once we found & began to read your site. We’re moving in June, & as such, we would love to try & get our new babies as close to the time that we land in our new home as possible. I tried e-mailing & leaving a voicemail, but I’m not sure if you received them. So I thought I’d try saying hi this way. Hopefully, we’ll be able to talk soon, but until then, keep sharing the joy w/ your gorgeous babies….

    All good things,

    • tlcpuppylovewm says:

      I look forward to talking to you as you decide on the female Havanese for the summer.
      Now I have no control over gender or color but I know who does and that id God! So start
      praying now asking God for the perfect girls. I just love watching Him answer prayers of my
      Feel free to call me anytime. Sorry I missed your call I will go back and check for my voice
      mail sometimes my mom uses my phone and she never tells me if someone was calling during that
      time and I just don’t think to go check for voice message. I do have to get better about that.
      My phone numbers are 904-861-7877 or 904-838-9628
      Have a blessed weekend
      Stacy Collins

      • Summer Williams says:

        Greetings Stacy ~

        I hope you had a most wonderful holiday season! I know we still have some time to go before the end of June when I’m hoping you’ll have a couple of adorable, Havapoo girls ready to come to their new home. However, I did want to check in as I always love seeing your new baby pictures which make me so excited. How does the potential timeframe look thus far for a couple, Havapoo girls? Also, I was curious when I read under your descriptions that some of your Havapoo babies get their tail cropped. I definitely love their full tail. So what leads to some being cropped but not others?

        I can’t wait to meet you & add to my family….

        Many thanks & all good things,

      • I am praying the Lord works the timing perfect for you.
        I have no problem with the puppy you choose to have a full tail. The Havapoo I have right now 2 are docked two have tails
        Both are cute and just like you like a tail others like a docked tail.
        I look forward to meeting you too.

  20. Anthony DeNorchia says:

    Hi we are just interested in a Morkie poo puppy for after the holidays could you let me know how the process works do we get to visit and meet the puppy?

  21. Ashley McEwen says:

    Could you please put me on the waiting list for a male morkie, preferably brown and tan. I curretny have a 7 month old female morkie. Also, where are you guys located, or at least in proximity to Tampa, Fl.

    • stacylyncollins says:

      I’m in Jacksonville, FL AND THATS ABOUT 4 1/2 HRS FROM HERE.
      I do have one male Morkie you can see him on my website but he so much cuter now.
      I will email you the new pics I am taking of him tomorrow
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628
      Stacy Collins

  22. Summer Williams says:

    Thanks so much for your response Stacy, & that all sounds great. Yes indeed, cropped ears but docked tails are the appropriate terminology, & I can understand people wanting different things. I love their little tails–all the better to happily wag. :). Given that we’re now into the last handful of months before hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple Havapoo girls from you, how do you feel about me putting down two deposits?

    Congratulations on all your beautiful babies!

    Many thanks,

  23. Summer Williams says:

    Sounds like a plan Stacy….Whenever that next litter is on the way, I’ll be happily waiting & ready….

    All good things,

  24. Summer Williams says:

    Greetings Stacy ~ I absolutely love seeing your baby pictures as they’re all super adorable! When might you have some more Havapoo babies on the way?

    Many thanks,

  25. Renee Sanderson says:

    Stacey, Moko’s new name is Tinker.

  26. Z. Perez says:

    Hello- I met one of your pups in my building today, chase, a maltipoo. The owners had good things to say about you so here I am. I am looking for a pup for our family, mainly to be a companion to my 51/2 year old daughter as well as part of the household. We have a very large mix breed that is very social and friendly, and a cat. I’d like your recommendation on a pup that is mild temperament and not yappy, light in color and with hair that she could add bows and such. What would you recommend?

  27. do you have any maltipoo available?


  28. Is it possible to come see the pups you have available? We prefer to see them in person,

    Thank you

  29. Betty Smith says:

    Hi, when will you have some more T-cup Yorkies
    In how do your payment plan works.

    • In about 4 months and the only payment plan we offer is through paypal credit I send you an invoice and you accept.
      Then if you pay off in 6 months it’s zero finance.

  30. Where are you located and can we be notified when there is a new litter of Morkies Poos?

  31. Hi, i am looking for a puppy for my daughter. Can we come to see them and pick one out? We are in St.Johns Florida. We are looking for one that will be 5 to 7 lbs fully grown. Thank you

    • Tina
      I am sorry for late delay busy two days preparing for puppies leaving and a new mom delivering pups.
      I would love to have you come out just let me know when you would like to come vistit
      Feel free to call me anytime at 904-838-9628
      Stacv Collins

  32. Mary merrell says:

    Looking for a Shih Tzu puppy prefer female

  33. HI. I wanted to know if you were going to have any Havapoo puppies this summer. I am looking for a small female Havapoo around 5-8 pounds around summer time or could even be Thanksgiving or Christmas if you would have any.

  34. Janice Gunter says:

    I spoke with you today about JoJo. My husband and I will come by Friday to look around. Thank you, janice gunter

  35. April Dickerson says:

    Hi. I see Buddy became available again. What a doll! Is the one wearing a santa hat still available? It’s black and white. If not, I’d love to come meet Buddy. I’m in Jacksonville 😊 Thank you!

    • Hello!
      Buddy is now in his forever home! Are you talking about Chilly Willy? He is black and white and is ready to go. Would you like to come meet our babies?
      Call me at 904-838-9628 and we can set up an appt

      • April Dickerson says:

        Hi there! I’ll give you a call tomorrow so I can set up a time to come see your babies. The one I’m taking about might have been an older picture. I’ll show you when I come for a visit. Thank you! Talk to you tomorrow.

  36. Rachel Pop says:

    Hello, I am local in Jax. Would it be possible to schedule a time to see Alvin- Maltipoo? Is he still available? Thanks

  37. Hello,

    Do you have any havapoo male puppies available or upcoming? Any like the ones born on 1/18 with the brown and white fur?

    Thank you!

  38. Sonia Belarde says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Do you have some baby tea cup maltese coming in the next 6 months.

  39. Karen Brown says:

    Interested in a puppy in near future. Possibly a havanese female mixed color. Good friends of Gary and Marianne James. Members of south campus of first Baptist church. She has told me in past of your wonderful puppies. Would it be possible to visit in near future? Karen Brown

  40. Is Jellybean still available?

  41. Brittany says:

    Hello, do you breed cavapoos?

    • We will have our first two litters this year as our new moms are finally old enough and should be coming in heat anytime now
      Stacy 904-838-9628

  42. Hi Stacy I am interesting in Squirt. Is it possible for me to come and see him

  43. Is Squirt still available?

  44. Looking for a Havashu

  45. Danielle says:


    I am interested in a male apricot, brown or red maltipoo.

    I’d like to reserve one of the ones you have available.

    Please let me know the next steps.



  46. Patti Wilson says:

    Is Nala still available? We live in Jacksonville; would it be possible to come see her?

  47. I’d like to sell a shorkie? Ty

  48. Do you have any mini or toy female poodles coming any time soon? Or mini laborpoodle or such

  49. Pamela Bauer says:

    I’m interested in nutmeg the morkie poo. I was wondering what her adult weight is predicted to be?

    Also where we you located?

    I can place a deposit.

    • She will be 7-9lbs fully grown based off her birth weight
      We are in Jacksonville FL on the northside about 15 min from the airport. Give Stacy a call if you would like to come meet her!

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