SOLD! Janis Joplin Female CKC Shihpoo Is The Perfect Puppy!

Rock Star & Casanova Proudly Announce  Their First Generation CKC Shihpoo  Litter

Meet Janis Joplin! This beautiful, baby-doll faced princess can’t wait to venture off to her new home. Once you meet her, you’ll never want to let her go! She hopes you like getting puppy kisses because she’s not shy about giving them out! She is the tiniest of her litter so she may have to stay longer.  Janis is so excited to meet you. She can’t wait to jump into your arms and shower you with puppy kisses!

See my Baby Book on Flickr and watch me grow!

1 Janis Joplin 1 lb 2 oz 8W4D Old (18)

Born  01/18/2020   Ready  03/28/2020 (I’m so tiny I need to be 10 weeks old)


My name is Tina Turner and my new home is both FL & CA and I get to go home with my sister Joan Jett.

What a cutie pie she has been prayed over for finding her forever home .

I’m Janis Joplin one of four girls in my litter of five Shihpoo puppies the tiniest of my litter so I need to wait till I’m 10 weeks old to leave). My litter theme names is after Rock Stars from the 60-70’s after all my moms name is Rock Star.  My Grandma Woof Woof says I am so adorable just look at my white black color that makes me irrestible I also have the cutest  button nose that makes for the cutest baby doll face! Oh yes I also have gorgeous silky have that will be like the Shih Tzu soft wave time will tell but either way you will love to run your fingers through it.  You will love my gorgeous full tail with a tiny white mark on the tip that will make you giggle as I wiggle it when I see you. Now I am the tiniest one in my litter so I may have to stay a little longer just to make sure I’m a good eater when I leave. I was born on Jan 18th and I’m anxiously awaiting to join your family on March 14th. I will be a people stopper everywhere we go!  I’m a female  CKC Shihpoo (that is a  Shih Tzu & Poodle Mix)  My mom Rock Star is a first time mommy and she is a gorgeous 8 lb ShihTzu and my  Daddy Casanova is a gorgeous 5  lb merle color Poodle  My birth weight was 3.5 oz so my estimated adult weight is 4.8-5.8 lbs  unlike regular  size Shih Tzu that weigh 18-22 lbs I promise to be the baby girl who is ready to steal your heart!

Regularly: $4500
Cash Special: $2000
Paypal Credit or Credit Card Special:$2100 

Place $200 non refundable deposit today to claim her as yours.
Deposit can be made of 4 ways:
Cash In Person with appointment to meet your puppy
Credit Card In Person or by Phone SQUARE SENDS YOU A RECEIPT
Zelle or Paypal as cash price send as family and friends Write Memo female Shihpoo Janis Joplin

Call Stacy at 904-861-PUPS (7877) or 904-838-9628 for information or payment on

For Balance and using Paying financing 6 months same as cash I have to send you a invoice for you to use option 0% financing. But they charge me a fee so the puppy fee is not the cash price but credit card price.

Growth Chart


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